Breathwork—A Simple Technique to Reduce Stress and Be Present

Lately, I’ve been incorporating breathwork into my days; I like to practice at least 10-15 minutes of breathwork, and it has truly been shifting how present I feel during the day. It’s been improving my “go-go-go” temperament to that of a slower pace … a more mindful one. Breathwork does not have to be a long process, it’s simply the act of being present with your breath and breathing with intention.

In our Microdose Integration, The States of Consciousness, we learned about breathwork as an act of self care, a means to rest, and as a way to release trauma from our physical and subtle bodies. Siedeh Foxie, an intuitive guide and practitioner of the healing arts through ancient cultural traditions, was one of our featured practitioners who spoke to us about the healing benefits of breathwork, and shared a simple technique that I’ve listed below. 


Find a comfortable place where you can be undisturbed - a place where you can be by yourself for this practice

  1. Sit comfortably, on a pillow or blanket. I like to sit upright against a wall to allow my body to feel supported and for my chakras to be aligned and in a posture with my crown raised to the sky.

  2. Set an intention for this practice no matter how long or short of a time you’re practicing for.

  3. We’ll be breathing from our mouths (yes mouth breathing) as we breathe from our mouths, it allows for a deeper release of emotions stored in the body.

    As we breathe through our mouths we relax the jaw and the masseter muscle. The cranial area of the spine becomes activated and that activates the nervous system into a rest and digest state.

    Breathing in and out of the mouth, bringing awareness to your lower belly. Fill up your belly and side body with your breath and slowly exhale.

  4. Placing your hands on your body, one on your heart and one on your belly- this will help us connect more deeply with our bodies and use the power of touch and self soothing.

    Breathe slowly in and out of your mouth for a few moments and then accelerate your breathing until it tapers off- remembering that your body knows what it needs and when the breath needs to rest and slow down a bit.

  5. Go in and out of this cycle for as long as you have time to explore your body and the emotions that come up. 

Focusing on our breath allows that tiny voice of distraction to become less loud. 

Allow yourself to breathe and let your breath and higher self to guide you. 

If you feel like you need to move, understand that this is the sign of stagnant energy leaving the body- stretch, move your body as you breathe and make the space that you need to. 

Sit with yourself and BE. 

Going slow and giving yourself time to rest and be present- is medicine. 

Here is a sound recording that I have been using during my practice- the sound of rain is soothing and cleansing.