Sound is an integral part of our work at BreadxButta. From Plant Vibrations, Soundscapes, product titles and energies, to the name BreadxButta, inspired by the late great BIG on Gimme the Loot. Music has shaped every part of our brand.

Lynsey has been collecting and curating sounds for many years. For the last 3 years, she has been actively traveling the world capturing plant vibrations and sound scapes of Mother Earth. She created a SoundCloud in the effort to bring our community closer to nature using pachamama’s music—to help calm our nervous system and bring us back home to her. Most of the sites where we recorded these soundscapes are sacred spaces and hold high vibrational frequencies.

Most of the sounds have information in the details on how that particular vibrational recording can positively effect and elevate our moods. I am currently continuing to add more sounds to the page & information to the existing recordings! Please tune in if you need to get grounded, soothe your spirit or take a sonic journey with us 🌱

Over the last few years, Lynsey has also been curating selections and playlists to guide you to an internal sonic, sensory conversations and meditations, through movement, reflection, nostalgia, discovering new sounds and sometimes setting the TONE for your day. The way the human body receives sounds and vibrations are truly medicinal and therapeutic, not to mention the powerful effects music has on creating new neural pathways and reprogramming mindsets. These sensory conversations are filled with sound and texture that help us to tap into various states of consciousness. For more of this work, you can check out BreadxButta's Spotify profile.

Playlists to highlight: