The Red Tent

 A 6 Week Integration, Plant Medicine Journey and Spiritual Herbalism Course

Decolonizing the Womb and Reclaiming Body Sovereignty

This group integration was inspired by the overturning of Roe v Wade, and by my own personal mind, body, and spiritual healing journey, searching for a way to conquer my battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

(Read about my story in our new blog post)

The 6 week program is a hybrid plant medicine journey and spiritual herbalism course that takes place in community with other folks with wombs.

In this 6 week program we will:

  • Channel our ancestors' practices 
  • Heal in community.
  • Use mushroom medicine and its energetic magic to help us tap in a bit deeper and connect to our bodies and heart space.
  • Learn about the 4 stages of our cycle and how to tune into them
  • Learn the healing properties of a variety of plant medicines
  • Practice a limpieza and understand the spiritual components to create them
  • Intro to energy work and “laying of the hands”
  • Healing with the land

* The Integration is being offered in 2 different cohort styles: one online cohort that meets on zoom every Tuesday for 6 weeks starting 9/13 and one In- person cohort that meets in person every Wednesday at BreadxButta Studio in Brooklyn, starting 9/14.  

Our foremothers recognized our cycle’s connections to lunar cycles, as magic. They understood that each phase of our cycle provides insight on how to move in life with more ease and less stress. Our modern day society does not create space for this kind of knowledge sharing. We are now in a place where in many states, the sovereignty we have on our bodies and wombs are being challenged. And so, I created this program as a way to reclaim our power and strength alongside our community. A sacred space where we can open up and remember the power in our bodies, no matter what stage you are in on your uterine health journey.

The goal of this course is to remind you how to access your inner healer and to spark the innermost wisdom that we hold. Along the way, you will learn herbalism and experience the plants. We will sit in ceremony, meditate, move, breathe, talk, heal and decolonize the womb space.

This 6 week journey will come with a full package including:

🧿 One on one session with Lynsey

🧿 Spiritual Bath

🧿 6 weeks of a unique mcrxdose mushroom medicine

🧿 Flower Essence to support your energy and process

🧿 Materia Medica on all the herbs covered

🧿 Notes on all energy practices and protocols discussed and shown in class

🧿 Tools needed for every session

🧿 1 workshop for 6 weeks ranging from 2-3hours

🧿 Closed group chat on Signal to connect and share

** Sign ups end on Monday 9/5

Exhange: $488

$150 (non refundable deposit) is due at sign up

** payment plans are available **

$67 due weekly for 5 weeks, starting 9/9


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"This was such an insightful program to have been a part of. There was certainly plenty of care and forethought that went into selecting the practitioners who shared their wisdom and knowledge with us. I got to learn more about the connection between mind, body, spirit, and science, and the beautiful ways that plant medicine can assist us on the journey of life! I am grateful to have been a part of this integration."
- Brandyce P


"This experience with Lynsey was amazing and very much needed. I really loved every part of this experience. To start off it was very organized and so many resources were shared with us. I love how genuine and sweet Lynsey’s energy is so it made this experience feel very safe and open. I loved all of the topics and that they were all various topics essential to the spiritual and wellness community. The information was so useful and mind opening. I loved that as a participant we always had time to ask questions and connect on each class. Although my schedule was very busy I really liked the classes were recorded to come back to. I also really appreciated that there were check in integrations available as well. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have had this experience as my first time microdosing and being introduced to plant medicine. Can’t wait to see how BreadxButta continues to grow and flourish."
- Ariel McDowell


"Absolutely a great experience with like minded individuals learning from some amazing teachers. I highly recommend and would do it again."

- Sandra Florez-Lujan