States of Consciousness is a 10 week Medicine Journey and Integration that was created as a way to heal and reprogram old patterns as a collective. The journey begins on the New Moon in Capricorn on January 1st, 2022. The New Moon occurs while the Sun and Moon align in the sign of Capricorn and also on the Western New Year.  This lunation symbolizes a new beginning in the cardinal earth sign. It’s a time during which we can channel some of the constructive traits of the sign of the Goat. Resourceful, disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, constant–— Together we will harness that energy and positively incorporate these qualities into our lives.


In this year’s Medicine Journey, we are gathering for 10 weeks. During these 10 weeks, we will walk through a variety of healing modalities from a Mushroom Medicine Protocol, Spiritual baths to meeting with psychedelic assisted Therapists. The goal with this integration is to help folx regain inner balance, healing, and renewal as we touch on healing modalities that incorporate mental health, spiritual health, emotional and physical health. Together we can welcome in the new year being more aware of our participation in the creative unfolding of the universe- as co-creators expanding the original celestial order. 

What does the journey include? 

  • An intro session and one on one consult with Lynsey

  • 2 Month supply of sacred medicine (sustainably sourced and organically grown)

  • 2 Prerecorded instructional videos 

  • 10 Live group sessions (recorded in case you miss any)

  • An opportunity to attend 10 different healing workshops with a curated program of healers, practitioners and professionals

  • A spiritual bath

  • Custom blended Tea

  • Curated playlists

The journey is limited in capacity and will close registration on December 20th, 2021. 

Payment plans are available 

Exchange: $350