Lynsey Ayala is the Artist and Curandera behind BreadxButta. As a second generation NuYorican, Lynsey has been working on blending her family's traditional Caribbean healing modalities with an urban landscape of art and culture. This process has manifested into BreadxButta (BXB), a lifestyle brand focused on creating art, happenings, music and plant medicine that remind us all to take a moment, breathe and reconnect to our mind, body, soul and each other. Lynsey offers one on one sessions at Haus of Bread that are based in traditional Curanderismo with a unique and alternative approach.

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What is a Curandera?

Curanderas are traditional healers who are knowledgable and deeply connected to herbs, foods and remedies. These remedies and plants work with the physical body, the spiritual body and the mind. In Curanderismo, it is believed that sickness and disease can be caused by emotional, spiritual, psychological and metaphysical factors - creating disharmony in the physical body, the mind or spirit. Curanderxs help folks to find harmony through different rituals, remedies and practices.

Each Curanderx offers a unique experience when using their natural gifts and training. Lynsey has been studying plants and ritual since she was a child, growing up with her maternal grandmother. Her sound medicine and dream work training was with The Teyuna Elders from the Sierra's in Colombia. Her Reiki training and attunements  were done at Minka Brooklyn. She has been Cannabis farming for almost a decade in California and hand makes all of our products. Lynsey is currently finishing a program for Clinical Herbalism and is working on becoming a Psychedelic Guide. 

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