Lynsey Ayala, owner and creator behind BreadxButta, is a Bronx born NuYorican working in Spiritual Herbalism, Whole-istic Healing, and Sacred Earth Medicine. Her work is deeply rooted in her Puerto Rican roots and her Bronx NY upbringing. She found her calling in decolonizing sacred earth medicines and uses a variety of modalities that ignite healing and the remembrance of our oneness with Pachamama.

Lynsey has curated a variety of programs that bring people closer to nature & to themselves. Organizing programs that take folks out of the city and into nature, Lynsey has curated and created safe spaces for artistic exploration, education, radical joy and expression. Since 2010, Lynsey has been cultivating a niche scene in the NYC legacy Cannabis and Psychedelic world from sharing education on farming, ceremonies and intentional dissemination of sacred plant medicines. 

She has devoted her studying to shamanic plant medicine practices, energy healing and botanical herbalism since she was a teenager. Focusing and studying both Caribbean and South American tribal style herbalism- studying with plant medicine teachers in NYC, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, The Amazon and California. 


Currently, Lynsey is living in Brooklyn, NY. You can find her leading group integration journeys, offering a full transpersonal healing approach, as she pursues her Masters Degree in Psychedelic Therapy from the AWR Foundation and Ubiquity University. 



Lynsey personally hand makes BreadxButta’s entire product line and travels the farms that she sources our medicine from to connect with them directly. 

Lynsey’s current focus is on decolonizing our mind and strengthening our connection to Pachamama through exploring sacred earth medicines, earth reparation work, protecting the sacredness of Mother Earth, and community care. Her work with BreadxButta’s product line BOTANICA explores her connection to her Puerto Rican roots, family recipes, and dreamscape channeled Remedios. BOTANICA is an offering of curated products that call for a collective remembrance of our connection to vibrational medicine. BreadxButta is whole-istic from the micro to the macro scale, sourced from small farms, most of which are in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Northwest. Lynsey has been fostering these connections for over a decade and is oftentimes able to be on site with all of the farmers, connecting from seed to final product. 

What is a Curandera? 

Curanderas are traditional healers who are knowledgeable and deeply connected to the herbs, foods, and remedies of their ancestors and culture. They work to connect the physical body, spiritual body, and the mind. In Curanderismo, it is believe that sickness and disease can be caused by emotional, spiritual, psychological, and metaphysical factors—all of these must be balanced in order to live in harmony. Curanderxs use rituals, remedies, and traditional practices to help folks find this harmony and balance in their live. Each Curanderx offers a unique experience when using their natural gifts in combination with their training.


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