Lynsey Ayala, owner, creator and educator behind BreadxButta, is a Bronx born NuYorican working in Spiritual Herbalism, Whole-istic Healing, and Sacred Earth Medicine. Her work is deeply grounded in her Puerto Rican roots and her Bronx NY upbringing. She is a 5th generation curandera and weaves that practice into every fiber of BxB. Through her workshops with BreadxButta and in her one on one sessions, she uses a variety of modalities that ignite healing and the remembrance of our oneness with mother nature. Lynsey’s practice focuses on entheogenic, sacred allies and how we can integrate those medicines into everyday ritual, to heal on a multidimensional and multigenerational spectrum. 


Since 2010, Lynsey has been cultivating a niche scene in the cannabis and psychedelic community; through sharing education on farming, holding ceremonies and offering intentional dissemination of sacred plant medicines. She has devoted decades to studying shamanic plant medicine practices, energy healing and botanical herbalism. Since she was a teenager, her focus has been in studying both Caribbean and South American tribal style herbalism. She has been traveling the world to study with plant medicine teachers in NYC, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, The Amazon and California. 



Lynsey’s mission is to decolonize our perspective and strengthen our connection to our planet- through the exploration of sacred earth medicines, earth reparation work, protecting the sacredness of Mother Earth, and deep community care.

Her work with BreadxButta’s product line Botanica explores her connection to her Puerto Rican roots, family recipes, and dreamscape channeled remedios. Botanica, is an offering of handmade, curated products channeling ancestral wisdom, plant technologies and spirit.

BreadxButta is whole-istic from the micro to the macro scale, sourced from small farms, most of which are in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Northwest. 




BreadxButta’s entire product line is handmade by Lynsey and a small team of herbalists. To ensure efficacy and experience of the highest quality, she personally sources nearly every botanical ingredient used in her Botanica Products; working closely with farmers, ethnobotanists, mycologists, harvesters, distillers and surrounding communities throughout the world. After 12+ years of preparation through world traveling, apprenticeship, building relationships and making deep connections, Lynsey has her hand in product creation from soil to packaging. 

Currently living in Brooklyn, NY, you can find her leading group integration journeys and in person workshops in the NYC area. She is currently seeing clients for in person and virtual medicine sessions where she offers a full transpersonal healing approach. Lynsey is a full time student pursuing her Master’s in Transpersonal Therapy with a focus on Psychedelic Medicine and Shamanic Practices. 


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