Lynsey Ayala is a second generation NuYorican who has been working to blend her Caribbean background with her experience growing up in the Bronx. Lynsey produced BreadxButta by creating a fusion of traditional plant medicine and urban arts + culture. 

Leaving NYC to pursue a degree in Fine Arts, Lynsey moved to San Francisco, California where she was able to learn about the cannabis plant and its relationship with other medicinal herbs. Remembering the remedios her mother used on her as a child, Lynsey felt a connection to these plants and began her journey with creating plant medicine. As a Curandera, Lynsey is able to guide the mind, body, soul, and her community toward taking a breath and reconnecting.

What is a Curandera? 

Curanderas are traditional healers who are knowledgeable and deeply connected to the herbs, foods, and remedies of their ancestors and culture. They work to connect the physical body, spiritual body, and the mind. In Curanderismo, it is believe that sickness and disease can be caused by emotional, spiritual, psychological, and metaphysical factors—all of these must be balanced in order to live in harmony. Curanderxs use rituals, remedies, and traditional practices to help folks find this harmony and balance in their live.

Each Curanderx offers a unique experience when using their natural gifts in combination with their training. Lynsey has been studying plants and rituals since she was a child, learning from her maternal line, particularly her grandmother. She has received sound medicine and dream work training from The Teyuna Elders of the Sierras in Columbia. She was trained and attuned in Reiki at Minka Brooklyn. With over a decade’s worth of experience in Cannabis farming and her current study of Clinical Herbalism, Lynsey is working to become a Psychedelic Guide. 

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