Lynsey Ayala, owner and creator of BreadxButta, is a Spiritual Herbalist practicing Integrative medicine and Psychedelic therapies in New York. Her work is deeply rooted in her boricua roots as it highlights Caribbean ancestral practices, Taino herbal medicines and Ifa cosmology. She found her calling to serve community through sharing sacred earth medicine education, guided experiences and using a variety of modalities that ignite individual and collective liberation. In her one on one sessions, Lynsey pulls from her roots in mesa blanca, herbal spirit work, sound therapy, divination, channeling and medicine making. Her process is unique and bespoke for each individual. 


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Custom Vibrational Medicine


Duration: 90 Minutes - 2 Hours


During this session, we move through Lynsey’s unique process of medicine making for an individual. Through platica, an egg reading and divination, a medicine package is channeled and created for you within a week of the session. Each package varies with the individual but will contain 30 day medicine supply, supportive tools or herbal medicines and a full a report on what was made and why. Also offered, is a follow up session via zoom 2-3 weeks post our first meeting. 



 Plant Medicine Ceremony

Duration: 4-5 Hours


A unique blend of shamanic ritual and psychedelic therapy. Together we sit for a medicine ceremony in our studio. Each ceremony is curated for the individual / couple / small group (max 5 people) Prior to our in person journey, we meet via zoom for a clinical evaluation, spiritual preparation, dieta and intention setting. Each session can last 3 - 4 hours. We also offer an integration session and check in 2 weeks post our ceremony  *payment plans available* 


Limpia de Huevo and Reading

Duration 2 Hours


This 2 hour session consists of platica, a traditional egg limpia and reading. This is a great ceremony for individuals who feel ‘ stuck, stagnant, not themselves, feeling off, overwhelmed, anxious, feeling sick but doctors don’t find a physical issue, etc’. We close the ceremony with energy healing and grounding.



Spirit Medicine | 2 Month Supported Journey

Duration: 8 Week Program 

A 2 month, personal, spirit medicine program where we meet 4x throughout the 2 months for 1 on 1 healing sessions and a unique medicine package created specifically for you and your process. This package includes 4x 90 minute sessions: 1 Platica Session, 1 Spiritual Cleanse, 1 Past Life/ Early Life Soul Retrieval Session, 1 Closing & Abre Camino Ceremony. It also includes 2 month supply of sacred earth medicine microdoses, unique tea blend, 2 personal medicines (blended after our 1st session) and accompanying flower essences. *This program cost can be split into payment plans. The initial fee goes towards the total program cost. 



*For payment plan options please contact us at to learn more about scheduled payments.