Lynsey Ayala, owner and creator behind BreadxButta, is a Bronx born NuYorican working in Spiritual Herbalism, Whole-istic Healing, and Sacred Earth Medicine. Her work is deeply rooted in her Puerto Rican roots and her Bronx NY upbringing. She found her calling in decolonizing sacred earth medicines and uses a variety of modalities that ignite healing and the remembrance of our oneness with Earth. In her one on one sessions, Lynsey pulls from her roots in mesa blanca, herbal spirit work, sound therapy and medicine making. Her process is unique and bespoke for each individual. 

*For payment plan options please contact us at to learn more about scheduled payments. 

* Lynsey is only taking online appointments at the moment while she is studying and traveling through South America* 


Virtual Sessions

Complimentary Consultation Call 
Duration: 15 mins

Initial consultation video call available for new clients who are looking for guidance on where to begin—I’ll provide information on my whole-istic treatments before your first booking. Complimentary for first time clients.


Medicina del Corazon—Online
Duration: 5 Week Program 

This package is unique to each individual. During this 5 week program you will receive weekly sessions with Lynsey that are created specifically for you. The goal with this package is to help folks get to the root of an issue/s through deep spiritual work, plant medicine support, energetic balancing and platica. This is the most comprehensive version of Lynsey's work with focuses on vibrational medicine, somatic work, spiritual divination and clinical herbalism. 

In this package you will receive:

  • A Platica Session & Energy Scan 
  • Bespoke Plant Medicines to last 1 month
  • A Limpieza (in person or virtual with a zoom call and directions)
  • Energy work & Sound Healing ( In person or distant)
  • Channeled journal prompts or spiritual homework to further the heart centered medicine. 
  • A follow up session 2 weeks post our last meeting

Each session during the 5 weeks can last anywhere from 60-90 minutes 



Spiritual & Clinical Herbalism Consultation Online 

Duration: 30 mins


This zoom conversation is directed towards remedying any ailments you may be experiencing in a physical or emotional/ spiritual manifestation. Together with Lynsey, you will go over an intentional list of questions to help her better understand and navigate the matters at hand. In this consultation, Lynsey does not offer any hand made remedies. Instead, she offers advice on herbal medicine and tools that can assist you in creating medicine of your own. She also helps you to source exactly what it is you need. This is a great opportunity to receive support in learning ways to make and incorporate whole-istic healing into your everyday life. 


Limpieza/ Cord Cutting/ Spiritual Cleanse—VIRTUAL
Duration: 75-90 minutes 

This is a virtual cleansing directed toward your spiritual and physical energy. During this session, you set an intention and discuss the matters closest to your heart at this moment in time. To assist in understanding what is coming up, I offer different divination modalities such as, tarot, an egg or candle cleansing, reiki or tobacco smoke clearing. From here I create a specific spiritual cleansing that is tailored to your energy in that moment. 


*For payment plan options please contact us at to learn more about scheduled payments. 

*5% of all sessions are being donated to our Community Ceremony Fund. Recognizing that many BIPOC folx cannot access Sacred Earth ceremonies due to the price, we have decided to create a community lead program to make this healing accessible. We are dedicated to the liberation and decolonization that this work can offer and will continue to find and create ways to include as many opportunities as we can to access these sessions.