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BreadxButta Herbalism Course


Special Herbs Course

A 2-part, interactive webinar, and package covering select plant medicines from the MF DOOM Special Herbs album series. Through this workshop, each guest will be sent a curated package with all tools and herbs needed to complete the webinar.

During the Spring edition of Special Herbs, we will be covering a series of plants that help to move our lymphatic system, gently detoxify the liver space, release ‘stuck’ emotions, and clear the cobwebs from our energetic field and protect our homes.

We will learn about the physical and spiritual medicines of 8 different herbs and learn ways to utilize them for your mind, body, soul, and home. Some techniques we will cover in this webinar:

- Water Infusions
- Tincture making
- Oxymels
- Spiritual Bath
- Aura Protection
- Smoke Blends
- Food Recipes
- Remedy Recipes

Each guest will receive: Curated Playlists highlighting Special Herbs, Plant vibration sound scapes, 8 different herbs ( ¼ oz each), Materia Medica of each herb, Jars & Bottles needed for medicine making, Bags & herb straining tools, Two 2-hour interactive workshops and recordings, Downloadable Herb Glossary & Recipes taught in class

⇨ Sign-ups close for full-package 4/30 ⇦
Rolling sign up for class only till 5/10
Start Tues 5/10 & 5/17 7pm


Exchange for full class pack: $175

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Online class
, PDFs & recordings: $111

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This year my offerings are created as packages with the intention that myself and the client can create a relationship of trust, get very intentional, create deep medicine specific to the individual, and feel prepared to sit with these shamanic practices and medicines. I am honored to share these teachings with you all and am so grateful to my ancestors for guiding me in this path. I am grateful for these medicines, for lifting the veil from my eyes so that I can step into this work seeing more clearly. I am grateful for my teachers and elders, my animal siblings and guides, and the plant teachers that have informed these practices that I am presenting to our community.

*For payment plan options please contact us at to learn more about scheduled payments. 

Virtual Sessions

Complimentary Consult
Duration: 15 mins

Initial consultation video call available for new clients who are hoping to ask questions about my services—I’ll provide information on my whole-istic treatments before your first booking. Complimentary for first time clients.

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Duration: 40 mins

This is a conversation over on zoom where you and I set an intention and discuss the matters closest to your heart at this moment in time. We will cover a range of questions and I will offer distant energy work, spirit lead insight and support. 

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Medicina del Corazon—Online and In Person
Duration: 5 Week Program 

This package is unique to each individual. During this 5 week program you will receive weekly sessions with Lynsey that are created specifically for you. In this package you will receive:

  • A Platica Session
  • Bespoke Plant Medicines to last 2 months
  • A Limpieza (in person or virtual with a zoom call and directions)
  • Energy work & Sound Healing ( In person or distant)
  • Channeled journal prompts or spiritual homework to further the heart centered medicine. 
  • A follow up session 2 weeks post our last meeting

Each session during the 5 weeks can last anywhere from 60-90 minutes 

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In Person Sessions

Platica-- In Person

Duration: 60 mins


This is an in person conversation to diagnose your energy. During this session, you and I will set an intention and discuss the matters closest to your heart at this moment in time. During the platica, I will offer different healing modalities, such as egg or candle cleansings–offering open hearted, spirit lead, insight and support.  


Energy Work & Sound Therapy—In Person
Duration: 60 minutes

This is an in person session where Lynsey offers a one on one aura clearing and reading through sound and energy work. During this session you will receive a unique bespoke experience that includes a blend of plant cleansings, sound healing and Reiki. This is a great session to book if you have been feeling creatively blocked, are experiencing low energy, lethargy in your everyday life or are feeling called to get an energetic tune up. 

Sacred Earth Medicine Journey
Duration: 3 Sessions*

Harnessing the power of Shamanism/ Curanderismo and Sacred Earth Medicines- Lynsey will create a Medicine Journey for a solo person or a small group of folx (max 5). Every journey is different and is tailored for the individual, even in group settings. This journey is offsite and requires an overnight commitment. (location to be discussed with participant/s) 

The medicine journey can last anywhere from 6-8 hours and requires an introduction integration session (platica) and a post journey integration. Totalling to a 3 session commitment. This is a transpersonal experience working in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. 

*This package includes a Platica (40 mins), Medicine Ceremony (6-8 hours), and follow up session (30 mins via zoom)


Limpieza—Available In Person Only (Coming Soon)
Duration: 3 Sessions*

We’ll start your first session with a Platica (online or in person available) which is a conversation to diagnose your energy. We will set an intention and discuss the matters closest to your heart at this moment in time. I will then scan your energy field and offer you open-hearted insight as guided by spirit. 

Your next session will be an in person spiritual cleansing. I offer a very tailored experience as guided by spirit using a mix of Curanderismo and Shamanism, incorporating sound and sacred earth medicine. Limpiezas are useful rituals used to remedy a variety of difficulties including removing impurities, negative/stagnant energies, mal de ojo, cord cutting, attachments, anger, fear and resentment as a few examples. It can help support you when you are working through hard times or interpersonal struggles. This session is 60 minutes long. Our last session for the package  is a 30 minute follow up via zoom 2 weeks after the cleansing. 

*This package includes a Platica (40 mins), Limpieza (60 mins), and follow up session (30 mins via zoom)


*For payment plan options please contact us at to learn more about scheduled payments. 

*5% of all sessions are being donated to our Community Ceremony Fund. Recognizing that many BIPOC folx cannot access Sacred Earth ceremonies due to the price, we have decided to create a community lead program to make this healing accessible. We are dedicated to the liberation and decolonization that this work can offer and will continue to find and create ways to include as many opportunities as we can to access these sessions. 
You can also donate to our fund directly to the fund here