BreadxButta was founded in September of 2015 by Lynsey Ayala, a Brooklyn Based Artist and Curandera. What started as a small pop up shop featuring art, traditional plant medicine, and Lynsey’s personal creations, has now become a well established brand sold across the United States.


With our home Concept Studio, Haus of Bread, in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, BreadxButta hosted community workshops, immersive events, educational services, and so much more. We featured local Artists, Musicians, Healers, and carried the BreadxButta products we are known for in Haus. Haus of Bread is now closed, but BreadxButta products are still available in our shop and select stores across the US. Stay tuned to our Instagram for locations and residency information.

Our mission is to provide our community with access to powerful resources that help them connect with themselves, the earth, and each other. As a 5th generation Curandera, Lynsey works to share her passion for healing with plant medicine, passed down from her Taíno ancestors, through Caribbean home remedies available in the BreadxButta shop. All of our products are hand crafted with ingredients that are ethically sourced, organic, and come from farmers on La Isla of Puerto Rico (Borikén). 



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