Awareness/ Crown Integration Essence


Awareness | Crown: Harnessing the Ashe of the Orisha Oxala, this blend assists us in maintaining a cool head and a calm mind. Allowing clarity and awareness to shine through. This blend is helpful for folks who are feeling mental anxiety, having anxious thoughts, finding themselves caught in the past reliving old stories and old memories, focused on self judgment and unworthiness. Oxala is expressed in our crown and helps us to maintain a cool mind– reprogramming old thoughts and patterns, helping us to remove self judgment and to connect more closely to our higher self.  * Ayahuasca Essence, Morning Glory Essence, Ginger Flower, Black Walnut Essence. 


Directions: Use 3-4 drops in a beverage of your choice or body mist, bath or anything water soluble. Set an intention over your water * 

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