Susto and Soul Retrieval - Virtual Gathering and Ceremony

We've been moving through some really difficult times for the last few years and now especially as we are watching a genocide,live from our literal phones. The feeling of grief is palpable and no matter where you are on this planet, it is affecting us on so many levels. I've been moving through an immense amount of grief and feeling energetically low, making me more susceptible to feeling more fear and even sickness. I have been back to seeing clients and grief has also been a big topic...grief being trapped in the body as we are continued to be hit with so many images, reels, articles and conversation about death, murder, loss, erasure...... I am not  suggesting that we should be hiding from or neglecting the reality of the world at this moment. I am only hoping to help us as a collective in setting down the hurt that we feel and recall our energy back - so that we may have the strength, the love and groundedness to support ourselves and our loved ones through this time.

I've been thinking a lot about the term, Susto. In latinx cultures we use this term to describe a traumatic experience that ‘changed’ someone. This traumatic event does not even have to be one that was personally experienced by you. You could have Susto from just being told about a happening, you could have been close enough in proximity to it, or in a lot of our situations, have seen images or videos of them. When we have susto, we are somatically trapping the experience in our bodies and losing a piece of our soul in that moment. In curanderismo and shamanism, this is called soul loss. We go through a traumatic experience or recount and can lose a piece of ourselves in that moment. This susto/ soul loss causes us to have weak energetic boundaries and even leaky boundaries. This leaves us more vulnerable to losing even more energy and being attacked on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Sickness can also begin to occur over time if we leave our soul scattered and in its place, hold grief/pain/trauma. 

My hope is to offer a moment of intentional release and energy movement, so that we can potentially, collectively get grounded and recall our energy. Everytime we work towards healing and raising our vibration, we do so for the collective as a whole. I have been sitting for weeks feeling my susto, experiencing moments of soul loss and sometimes feeling helpless — trying to find ways that I can support, send love to and be in solidarity with our fellow humans who are going through devastating grief. My form of activism at this moment, at this time, is to offer a safe space for folks to breathe, to pray and to be a light in the darkness. We heal the best, when we heal together. 

In this online gathering we will use a tool from earth (egg, small branch, leaves, crystal) to learn how to do a limpia on yourself. We will also move through a centering and grounding breathwork practice, a guided soul retrieval ceremony and group integration. I will be sending a list of items that you can use if you feel called to and some light suggestions for the ceremony. This event is donation based and is open to everyone regardless of your monetary contribution. It will be recorded and available for 1 week after the event. If you would like to donate as an energy exchange, my venmo is @ breadxbutta and my cashapp is $breadxbutta - please note ‘ workshop donation’. 

To sign up - Click this link <3