Clarify and Open Your Third Eye with Herbs & Spiritual Baths

I love working with third eye opening herbs and often offer products, blends, and plant allies in BxB’s Botanica to support this important area of our physical and etheric bodies.

Being a Pisces, I'm especially drawn to working with herbs and rituals that remind me of the ways we're all interconnected across time and space.

If you're looking to feel more spiritually connected, clarify your aura and wipe off crust from your third-eye, I recommend working with Blue Lotus, an herb that's believed to connect one to the Divine, inducing higher states of being and consciousness -- and spiritual washes and baños.


Blue Lotus Flower

Blue Lotus Flower image 1To connect with my third eye, the pineal gland, I love working with Blue Lotus Flower. It's a plant that's been used for literally thousands of years, even appearing in hieroglyphs detailing its use and magic in Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians had many traditional uses and applications of Blue Lotus.

The flowers of Blue Lotus were steeped in wine which was then shared during religious ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations. It's said to induce a state of euphoria, promote relaxation, and improve circulation, making it a potent aphrodisiac. We often see enlightened beings with a serpent/kundalini at the center of their third eye in Egyptian statues.

Connecting our seat of creation, our kundalini with enlightenment, it is a slightly hallucinogenic plant, but I really like to lean into that because it furthers the energetic connection to a higher source, and brings us closer to one another.

I love using this herb as a tea solo, taking about a tbsp in 8oz of boiling water—this is an AMAZING meditation companion, manifestation tool, an herb to enhance our connection to the dream realm, or an herb to use when you want to connect on a deep level with a partner or loved one.

Claridad Headwash

Another product I love to utilize to activate my third eye and crown chakra (and also during Pisces season), is our Claridad Headwash. This baño or head wash can really help us to get clear, connecting us with our higher selves and to our ancestors for support.

The main ingredient in this wash is blue lotus and a few other third eye enhancing herbs, assisting us in magnifying the energy of higher consciousness helping us to clear mental chatter, and allowing signs and messages to come through in a way that we are able to receive it—in our dreams. Undisturbed by the daily to-do’s, monkey mind that sometimes can affect the way we see or hear messages and answers to our existential questions.


Eliminacion Bano

A few years ago, while I was on my first Ayahuasca journey, Mama Aya told me to cleanse my feet and honor them as I have walked through many lives and many versions of myself with them. Before then, my usual foot care consisted of Pedicures and an occasional salt soak after working long shifts. But I had not thought of my feet as this deep anchor or thought of them as the vehicles that have walked me through many lifetimes and versions of my current self. That shit hit different. So I learned ways to connect with my feet on a deeper level. I sat with an elder and she taught me about spiritual foot soaks as a way to eliminate old energies and to rid myself of the hard pathways I tend to walk down.

Apparently, there are major chakra points at the base of our feet, and on our feet lay a whole map of our physical body. This blew my mind and sent me down a deep research rabbit hole. I began to create baños for my feet that were the same as the ones I used on my body, but I instead added the herbs or mixture to a large bowl, praying over the water to eliminate these things that my body didn't need to carry anymore and soaked my feet as I continued to pray and ask the spirits of the herbs to cleanse, remove and restore this newly created space– with strength and sight to walk my path in the way that served my highest purpose. I also learned A LOT about reflexology and still to this day, soak my feet often and use oils to massage them after a long week and post-ceremony.

A tool from our apothecary I am utilizing this season is our Eliminacion baño. This was the baño I first used after my ayahuasca journey where I asked the spirit of the herbs to clear away old pathways and clear the path so that I may walk on the road to my highest good and potential.

⭐ How do you like to connect with your third eye? Do you have remedios that you turn to?