5 Integration Resources for Your Psychedelic Journey

While I get lots of questions about my guided psychedelic experiences and our group journey work, I get as many questions about what to do next.

I have been in the field practicing this work for over 5 years and as I currently study for my master’s in psychedelic therapy, one thing I know is for damn sure—integration is KEY. 

As we explore the world of sacred earth medicines, we undergo intense energetic changes and start to uncover and heal old patterns. It is common to feel overwhelmed and sometimes feel like you’re not sure what to do next in this new energetic phase.

The stage post journey or healing experience is called “cognitive dissonance.” Cognitive dissonance occurs after we have experienced an altered state of consciousness and then return to our ordinary state of consciousness. We may have learned and gathered new information about ourselves, our lives and our past. It feels like a sort of rebirth BUT our brain may feel stressed while processing all the new information. Folks need time and care to metabolize the whole experience. 

This is why, in my opinion, it’s so important to utilize integration to understand these new energies! When we allow time, space and dedicated practices to support integration, we are able to move into new ways of being with more grace and ease. 

As they say, altered states create altered traits.

Those new traits can change your whole life and reality. Here are a few, simple resources to help you if you are in this state of integration: 


  1. Physical Movement

The new energies moving through your body or leaving your body MUST have a place to somatically express themselves. Otherwise, they can remain stored in the nervous system. In each integration I have offered, we always tap into some sort of movement like yoga or stretching. Movement is the physical manifestation of the energy channels and neural pathways that are being created and expanded.

Although I love yoga just as much as the next practitioner, it is not the only movement we can utilize! I often love going on walks when I feel anxiousness coming on or when I want to connect more closely with nature. More active activities are helpful as well, like running, boxing or lifting. These practices help us to release tension, anger and aggression if those emotions arise. Find a movement practice that works for you.

  1. Time In Nature
    I think for so many of us—especially city folks like myself—we know how rejuvenated we are by time spent in nature, and yet we still have a hard time prioritizing it. As you move through rapid energy upleveling, I really encourage you to let Mother Nature take on some of that work with you by inviting in the healing power of being outside.

    In our group integrations and in my one on one practices, I always encourage folks to go outside and find time for grounding. Even if it’s a walk or getting your bare feet in the grass or sand–it's incredible. Just a few minutes of contact with the earth can harmonize the energy in our bodies and connect us to the naturally grounding energies of Mother Earth. If you live in NYC, here are a few great outdoor spaces, shared by folks in our community. Check out the outdoor offerings we are bringing to the 5 boroughs this summer too! 


  1. Rest
    If you’ve been following me and reading my blogs this year, you know that I have been prioritizing rest! It has been a huge shift in my life and something that I realized I truly needed in order to allow the integration of new energies and realizations into my life.

    When we are integrating new energies, emotions and realizations, you may feel extra tired and even exhausted. Listen to your body and lean into that! Honor your brain and body for letting you know what it needs. Your brain is meant to help you process everything—especially trauma and distress—so while we are in the integration period and in the throes of processing, give your body the sleep and recoup that it needs.

    Ignoring rest for an extended period of time – especially when moving through new internal shifts,  can lead to burnout and sickness. We are best served by listening to the signals of our spirits and our minds. Peep this blog I wrote in February about divine rest as an act of resistance.


  1. Food
    We love food—we love nourishment and how it makes us feel. I know for myself when I am in need of extra energetic support, I lean on whole, organic foods. Food is the biggest source of energy that we intake and we can use it as an ally to support our physical healing and integration.

    In every integration we’ve held and in my one on ones, we talk about the gut/brain connection and offer simple recipes to allow more healthy nourishment into our bodies. The foods we eat affect us on a mental and emotional level. As we move through this cognitive dissonance, let’s tap into what we are putting IN to our bodies as old energy moves OUT. In our last integration, we spoke with Dr. Caroline Hartridge who shared some healthy foods to support our nervous systems, brain health, and emotional health.

    Here are a few: 
  • Grounding foods like bone broths, root veggies, dark leafy greens
  • Hydration- water, fruits and minerals. Water and tea help to keep things moving in the nervous system, helping us to focus and eliminate toxins. 


  1. Community
    Something I have heard many, many times from clients and people in this community experiencing massive energetic changes is that their social circles started shifting drastically as well. This is where I see some people start to put a halt on their own spiritual growth and I understand why. Experiencing relationships changing or even falling away can be scary and cause unease. But the truth is, if you are committed to deeply shifting how you show up in the world, there may be others in your circle who just aren’t ready to see that or be a part of it. Your own growth shines a light into parts of themselves that they may not be ready to confront. Your growth cannot carry everything and everyone not willing to elevate with you.

    If this is happening to you, I encourage you to keep your heart open and trust that everything is in alignment. Search out community spaces in your area where you can find like minded people and where you can really begin to use these new tools that you have unearthed. 

Stay tuned for our free online integration circles coming this summer <3