BreadxButta Turns 8!

On September 19th, BreadxButta, my first Virgo baby, turns 8!! What a beautiful time warp these last 8 years have been lol. From building the brand out of my second bedroom in Flatbush BK, to taking BxB on the road across the country and opening 5 different brick and mortar experiences since 2017– we’ve been on a riiiide! 
I started the brand as an art project, a blend of wearable fine art marbled clothing, a small handmade apothecary and a crew of talented homies who were open to showcasing their works— We had an opening in BK at The Living Gallery on 9/19/15, fully equipped in true BxB style with a dispensary of homegrown flower, a wall of fine art, racks of handmade clothing, a live screen printing section, a live band, DJs and free joints from the apothecary. What we thought would be a fun 1 night event, turned into my career and life path. Right at the start of my Saturn return too lol! WHEW- what. A. time. 
At the time, my ex husband and I were living pretty bi-coastal,having just moved back to NY from San Francisco, we were still spending months at a time on the west coast cannabis farming and having our hands in creative projects in the Bay. About a week after the opening, we were back in SF farming for a few months. I was dedicated to learning more about cannabis medicine and starting my practice with clinical herbalism. But our BK community was letting us know how much they wanted more experiences like our first one– by the time December rolled in we were back in Flatbush and I was prepping for my first pop up at House of Yes followed by another pop up gallery event in collaboration with other artist friends and the ressssttt—----the rest is history y’all. By February the following year (2016) I threw myself head first into making BreadxButta my full time gig, quitting my bartending job to study plant medicines, make medicines and artistic happenings come to life. I haven’t looked back. 
I would have never imagined the places this path would take me and I could not be more grateful. I jumped fully onto this path and in the moments that I thought I was falling, community held me up and propelled me further, my family supported me and friends offered me their time and energy in all of the ways….. I get emotionalllll when I think of how much we’ve overcome and learned over the years. I really couldn't have done it without the love and support of community and chosen family, deadassss. 
This week, we’ve got a lot going on- Im popping out of Maternity leave for the weekend to celebrate and participate in The Brooklyn Brujeria Festival. It's definitely one of my favorite events in BK! It's a magical blend of community, spirituality, music, dance and most importantly– JOY. We’ll be popping up both 9/22 at The Dumbo Archway and on 9/23 at House of Yes. 
Early in the budding stages of BreadxButta, I connected with Chiquita Brujita who is the founder and creative force behind BK Brujeria Fest and our sisterhood started at House of Yes <3 So I am hellllla excited to be back there for her Magic Market on Saturday. If you haven’t been to an event curated by Chiquita yet, you need to get familiar! All I can say is, expect to dance, expect an epic selection of musical artists, vendors, readers, dancers annndd expect to leave with your spirit feeling full and happy. I’m attaching the weekend line up below! 
In celebration of BxB’s turning 8, I am putting our whole online Botanica on SALE, all week long! Products are already moving, so get in while you fit in lol! No codes are necessary, just pop in and shop! In addition, ALLL orders through our sister brand, Botanical Babes will include a FREE gift <3  Peep the updated secret menu below and learn more about what plant medicines we have in stock. 
Our studio is closed this Saturday, you can find us at the BK Brujeria Festival at House of Yes from 11am-5pm. 
We will be back open on Sunday for our regular hours, 11am-4pm. 
** You do not need to make an appointment to visit our studio!** We are open to public on the weekends- please check our IG to see the hours for the month! 
I hope you all have a lovely week and I hope  to see you folks this weekend! 
Next week, I’ve got some news about some new offerings and bookings taking place v soooon- so stay tuned.
Sending you all LOVE- thank you, thank you, THANK YOUUUU for supporting BxB. For supporting me and helping me to keep this dream going– i love yall forreal. 
** Photo from our first event at The Living Gallery**