In Person Workshop: Limpieza de Huevo Intensive


Join us for an all day intensive / workshop on 11.11 about the history of a Limpieza de Huevo (egg cleansing) and how to do your own readings. We will learn the fundamentals of how to perform a cleanse, understand to interpret key symbols, learn basic techniques of energy work and together, practice what sessions can look like- as we learn tools to develop our own unique method. This is a key ritual in many Curanderismo and Espiritismo traditions, we will discuss its origin and the many versions of egg cleansings throughout earth based practices. 


This is one of my most requested one on one offerings and one that I've been working on since I was pretty young (about 12) - from learning the practice through family, to practicing over the years and offering readings and interpretations to folks since high school. It's an offering that I'm so excited to share and practice with community. My goal with the intensive is to guide you to developing your own relationship with the egg medium, with your client and most importantly, your intuition. 


What we will cover: 

  • How to build an altar to sit with clients (in person and distant)
  • Platica (open hearted conversation to learn about what is going on with your client)
  • The history of the Egg cleanse and how to start the process with your client 
  • Reading the egg & symbols in them 
  • How to interpret and intuit what you’re seeing
  • How to talk to your client about your analysis and observation
  • What happens after the reading: Limpia, ‘homework’, referrals to other practitioners, setting up an aftercare / integration plan 
  • Practicing readings in class 

Payment plans are available- please email me for more info!


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