Taurus Season & An Oshun Baño Recipe


Collectively during this May and this Taurus season, we are IN the act and the practice of self-reflection and self-accountability. Let’s think back to the things that were discovered and required of us during the winter months, now is the time to strengthen those muscles and lean into those discoveries as we bloom and head toward the summer months. It will be important to be self-reflective and self-oriented in the midst of fertile growth and expansion. 

You will need to be guided by your OWN inner wisdom to know what’s right for you.

As we consciously and mindfully flow through the trials and changes of our inner world, we will be able to do so, gracefully, in our outer world as well. A reflection as we move like the river. My advice is to NOT wait for others to get on board with your changes or for your outer world to show you when it’s the right time… now is the time to channel taurus energy and to be proactive, to be bull like and single-minded about what you want and move forward. Move forward with confidence and love as though it IS happening and kindly allowing who and what wants to get in alignment to follow suit.

During this season, I love to think about tapping into the energy of rivers and how strong they are, but also about the sense of ease and sweetness they offer us. Lets lean into that as we forge forward, creating our own path for rapid expansion and growth.

In my spiritual belief, Taurus is associated with the Orisha Oshun. According to the patakís (sacred stories left to us by our ancestors), Oshun was brought into existence by Olodumare, the Supreme Creator, once he realized something crucial was missing after creating the earth: sweetness and love. As one of the ancient Yoruba myths suggests, the human race would not exist if Oshun had been sent to our world. It is said that her sweet and fertile waters brought life back to humanity.

As we progress forward and maneuver the uncharted waters this month, let’s think about being open to receiving what flows our way. Let’s remember that we are growing because of our proactive focus on our inner vision. And let’s not forget that everything is just information.

This Taurus/Oshun season, I want to offer a great and simple home baño to help keep us in flow and in a state of ease. I would suggest making this if you’re feeling a bit stuck or in a space of needing some sweetness in your life.

Baño Recipe: 

  • Rose petals, fresh or dried
  • Dandelion, leaves or flower
  • Motherwort, fresh or dried 
  • Honey 
  • Yellow flowers (sunflowers or any available to you)
  • Coconut milk 


  1. Fill up a big pot with warm water—add the herbs & flowers in. 
  2. With your hands, rub the herbs and flowers together, allowing the plant’s oils to rub into your hands and infuse into the water. You may begin to see the color of the water changing after a few minutes of this. As you rub the plants between your fingers and hands, pray, set intentions, thank the plants and ask them to bring in sweetness, ease and flow into your life. Do this for as long as you feel you need to.
  3. When you are done, bring the water to a boil and then allow it to simmer for about 10-15 minutes, infusing the plant's magic into the water.
  4. After it is cooled & strained, add the coconut milk and any essential oils or personal touches. When you are ready, you can add this mixture to your bath where you can soak and meditate. 
  5. You can also pour this mixture over your head if you have a shower, visualizing it as a golden light cascading over your body OR you can always use this as a relaxing foot soak, Giving yourself a moment to wind down and meditate.