4 Journal Prompts for the New Moon

On November 4th we are experiencing the New Moon!

New Moons are about going inwards and manifesting-- Scorpio energy as we now know is hella reflective. We may find ourselves delving into the darker corners of our hearts and minds. Unpacking some of the denser emotions that we have been holding on to.

During the new moon, my personal rituals often surround journaling and tapping into my subconscious through free form, channeled writing. My mentor and I have been moving through this work also & journaling has truly been an AMAZING tool for me to really tap in and allow what needs to come up, to come up. 

Here are 4 Journal Prompts for the New Moon:

  1. What emotions tend to bring the worst out in you? Why do you think that is?

  2. When have you been self-sabotaging or destructive in your life? Think about how you were feeling at that moment and remember what triggered that behavior.

  3. Think about your friendships. Which ones make you feel safe, secure, and loved? Do you have any that make you feel isolated or outside of yourself?

  4. Which relationships in your life no longer serve you? Be honest & ruthless-- Aint no one seeing this but you!!! Which relationships feel obligatory or dutiful? Consider how you’d feel if you allowed those relationships to dissolve….then think about whether they are worth trying to salvage. How would you do that? Perhaps write them a letter. 

The Scorpio New Moon represents transformation and can be a catalyst if you are in any in-between phases in your life. You may find that practicing this free-form writing will help to reveal the next step of your process. If you are in a stuck and stagnant place, you can call on the energies of this New Moon to help create a shift in your life and the energy of the written word to truly see what comes up.

This New Moon journaling practice is geared to assist inspiring change, so think about what needs to transform in your life rn and then go about setting your intentions. Work with the energies of this New Moon by knowing that it can help instigate shift and change if that is what you are looking for.

I am sending you all SO MUCH LOVE and wishing you a positive shedding season <3 Check out our Botanica for more supportive herbs and products to help us traverse these watery transitions. 

Scorpio Season Remedios


Moving through difficult transitions? Check out our Aceite de Culebra Oil: Aceite de Culebra is a spiritual oil used to evoke the energy of the Serpent. This oil can be used in moments of transition, shedding, and rebirth. Use this oil to call in creative energy and sacred Kundalini Energy.  Apply on your body or use in a diffuser. I often apply the oil to my hands, rubbing them together to create some Qi, and then take a few deep breaths with my hands up to my face, inhaling the earthy scents of the oil and taking a moment to slow down my nervous system, grounding and coming back to myself. 

Lotus Flower Capsules

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Happy Scorpio season fam =)  Remember to breathe and know that nothing is permanent, it's all in a constant state of flow and flux.