Healing Ourselves Through the Retrograde

Hey BXB Fam!! 

I hope that you are all doing well & staying cozy as the weather begins to cool down.🍁

This month has been a whirlwind! The more I have been seeing folks in the shop, talking during one on ones, and just hanging with my homies, the more I can’t help but notice that it seems we are all sitting in our own shit—unsettling energy lol (I’m right there with you).

We’re still in the midst of a retrograde until 10/18, we’re coming down from experiencing ALL the feels from this past New Moon in Libra, and we're tryna cross stuff off the list before the year ends! I FEEL YOU—it's a lot for us too!

We’re all in this together & I am here to try and help! I’m popping in to offer you some quick remedios & herbal wellness ideas. Most of these things you can find in your own kitchen or local market. Kitchen’ Witchin Season is upon us 🧙‍♀️ 

First, let's talk about this retrograde season. Last newsletter, I offered some food for thought while moving through the month—this time we’re talking Yerbas (herbs). 🌱 

This retrograde is challenging our relationship narratives—from our relationship to self, our romantic situations, our friends, family….like all of em. These heart strings are TIREDt.

Sit With Retrograde Lessons

Oftentimes, we can look at a retrograde as a negative experience, it’s got a lil bit of a bad rep, you know? But let's shift our perspective a bit and look at retrograde as a moment to sit, reflect & edit.

What is this retrograde showing us when it comes to the relationships we are a part of? What kinds of stories are we telling ourselves when it comes to these relationships? What is your gut / intuition telling you?

Not only is shedding season here, which is a whole other story, but also we are given a lil retrograde right in the middle of it, as a moment from the universe to chill out, not force the things that are not tryna move & listen to ourselves for a moment. What are the ”retrograde woes” we are working through? What's not moving in the way you want? What is that telling us? 

Wooo Chile 😮‍💨--- with that said, let's talk about herbs that will help us move through this energy. 

Herbs to Assist with Transitional Times


With the shift in season and moving into cooler weather, I like to work with teas during this time. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we are taught that resting and consuming warm foods during this time of year will help to keep our stress levels low & help to boost our immune system for the colder months ahead. 

I also like to work with water because it is highly vibrational—infusing herbs and intention into your water can provide so much healing to our physical and energetic bodies. During this retrograde season I have been drinking a lot of Rosemary Tea, like straight up fresh rosemary from the farmers market in my mug, with hot water & a little bit of healing honey.

As retrograde wants us to sit down and reflect a bit, having a nice cup of tea is sure to chill anyone out. If you are able to, take these few minutes to breathe in the warmth from your mug and slow down for un momentito. Our bodies and minds will be grateful for it. 

Seek Rosemary to Clear the Conscious Mind

Rosemary is an amazing herb to help open up your breathing passageways and allow for a full deep breath. Libra is ruled by air—taking a deep breath and tuning into the feeling our chest rising and falling is a great way to connect to this energy. It is also slowing down our cortisol levels, allowing stress to melt away and let some clarity roll in. Rosemary is also great for enhancing memory, boosting the immune system, improving circulation, and helping with gut health.

In spiritual herbalism, we often look to rosemary for clearing the conscious mind and allowing for our intuition to come through. It is also used to remove dense energies and help to soothe a heavy heart. I often add rosemary to spiritual banos that work with clearing negative energies and helping to move past difficult situations. 

Lucky for us, rosemary can be found relatively easily in your local supermarket, farmers market, and herb shop. Consider putting a handful of rosemary in your tea or burning a rosemary bundle to clear the air and make your space smell amazing. 

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