Bobinsana Flower Essence



An Amazonian shamanic flower essence, Bobinsana is a master plant. Lovingly called. La Sirenita, it will harmonize the feminine energetic aspect. It helps us to relate to the primal chant coming from mother nature, hearing her voice and feeling her medicinal icaros. La Sirenita will open our etheric temples and guide us as we dive into the infinite sea of consciousness. 

Bobinsana Flower Essence helps us to ignite lucid dreaming and to reach higher states of consciousness. This is great integration medicine for folks who are healing matters of the heart tied to our childhood and any traumas experienced then.  For thousands of years it has been used to heal the heart, heal emotional trauma, and grief, helping us to ground and stay heart centered.

🌿 Bobinsana is often prescribed by Cuanderas to help heal wounds from childhood- for soul retrieval- for folks who give their power away.

✨ The ashe of Bobinsana bathes our energy body with the softness of light, awakening the inner pathways to unconditional self love. She reminds us that love is the highest state of receivership, reminding us not to forget the necessary power of self love. Bobinsana assists us in rediscovering forgotten places within ourselves , retrieving fragments of our heart seeking healing.

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And make sure you head over to our #soundcloud to Listen to the vibrational soundscape we captured from the Bobinsana flower we sourced your flower essence from in São Paulo Brazil 🇧🇷 ❣️


Flower Essences are created by capturing the vibrational imprint of plants. They carry the flower's unique life force energy and can activate specific healing aspects within the human energy field of the body. Each flower has an energy signature that can support us in embodying highest version of our healed selves. Their medicine can help us to regulate our nervous system and deepen the connection we have to our own energy field and tune in more closely to our mother earth. They can be used for emotional wellness as well. Essences are supportive in bringing our emotions into balance and harmony. We take the etheric medicine of plants and bring them into form by imprinting their ashe into water- the most harmonizing element for our physical form.  For further connection to our essences, please check out our Soundcloud of Plant Vibrations and Sacred Sound Scapes.


This essence collection began in 2018 when Lynsey started to develop a deep connection with flowers and their vibrational medicine. She since has sourced over 30+ essences from around the world- as well as capturing their sound imprint. 



Use 3-4 drops to any beverage, body mist or use as an anointing elixir

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