Agua de Florida

Botanica’s Agua de Florida is handmade and was created using Lynsey's family recipe.

✨There are so many ways to incorporate Florida Water into your spiritual life.
The stimulating citrus and floral scented cologne is commonly used for ritual offerings and purification. Some replace Holy water with Florida Water.
Wiping down all of the items on your altar with Florida Water will cleanse them of any negative energy and clear them to receive messages from the spirits and ancestors.
Also used in spells, Florida Water is used to remove heavy vibrations and to encourage the expression of emotions.
It has calming affect on people and some believe it can help depression. Use your body to keep sadness away.
When seeking guidance from ancestors, placing a glass of Florida Water on your altar will clear the air of any static and interference to allow for a clear reading.
When blessing and cleansing a new home, mix Florida water with your cleaning supplies.

***Great use as a hand sanitizer***

4oz bottle

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