The Red Tent A 6 Week Integration, Plant Medicine Journey and Spiritual Herbalism Course Decolonizing the Womb and Reclaiming Body Sovereignty


The Red Tent

 A 6 Week Integration, Plant Medicine Journey and Spiritual Herbalism Course

Decolonizing the Womb and Reclaiming Body Sovereignty


This group integration was inspired by the overturning of Roe v Wade, and by my own personal mind, body, and spiritual healing journey, searching for a way to conquer my battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

My journey began at 23 when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had been dealing with hormonal imbalances since I started my cycle as a preteen and, like many folks with hormonal difficulties, I was put on birth control as a way to “regulate’ my cycle and mood.

At 23, I was finally diagnosed by a doctor who told me that there was basically no cure & that I will probably have diabetes before 25. I was told that I’d have difficulties getting pregnant and that if I wanted to get on “track”, the only way to balance my cycle was to go back on birth control, which I had stopped a few years prior due to terrible reactions to various types of BC.

I was so upset, I felt lost, confused and sad about my situation.

I ultimately decided not to go back on birth control. I began doing my own research, seeing other specialists and learning as much as I could about PCOS and my cycle. What were the triggers that activate it, what natural remedies I can take, and what life changes should I make to heal?


After visiting various western to integrative doctors for a while, I turned to my family lineage of Curanderismo and went to see a familial healer. The journey to healing my body and my womb has led me to the work that I offer now. 

At that time I was already working on a cannabis farm and had begun studying herbalism. The plant tinctures I was making were helping my cycles and the pain that I was experiencing each month.

But after seeing the Curandera, she told me that my PCOS was related to stuck emotions and spiritual dis-ease. On a physical level, I  had many food intolerances that I didn’t know about prior to that. I was told that in my womb, I was holding onto a lot of grief and heartbreak that I did not release. It was manifesting as a higher masculine dominance in my energy field. It was stemming from a deep core wound- where I needed to heal my connection to my divine feminine spirit—both energies live within us all but can shift and flow for many reasons.


PCOS occurs when there is an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in the body—folks with PCOS often have higher levels of testosterone. This blew my mind, because I had no idea that  emotions could get stuck in the body like that and that the pace of my life could determine how my hormones were existing. At that time I was working soo hard on so many levels. I was in the early stages of processing a serious physical abuse trauma (through overworking smh). I was working and going to school full time, I was homesick-  living across the country in California thousands of miles away from family and close friends…I was kind of a hot mess emotionally to be honest lol. The session with the Curandera put a lot into perspective for me and I truly believe that if it wasn’t for this diagnosis, I would not be on the path that I am today. 


A month or so later, I talked with my grandmother and mom about what was happening and my grandmother shared recipes, remedies, and energy healing practices from HER grandmother. She told me about her life as an herbalist, womb healer, and botanica owner in Puerto Rico. I was being shown the breadcrumbs from my ancestors and ways to tap in. 


After visiting with the Curandera and learning more about my family’s lineage, I spent the next 10 years immersed in learning about womb care and using myself as a Guinea pig. I dedicated a lot of time to learning my body, trying different forms of healing, and learning what my body responds well to. I went on and studied sacred earth medicines, clinical and spiritual herbalism, energy healing modalities, sound healing, yoga & somatic release, breathwork, and psychedelic medicine.

Spirituality wasn’t included in my healing journey through the western medicine lense - but I learned how imperative it was to not only helping me to process & heal- it also  led me toward my work and purpose. My work in Curanderismo and Plant Medicines stem from these real life experiences as a person learning to tune into my body, tune into spirit, and reconnect with my ancestors to remember my inner healer. 

A few years later at 25, I went on a deep mushroom journey with some medicine sisters. We set intentions, made the playlists, and went in. I asked the “little children” to show me where my body still needed healing and how I can work on it. A few hours and a few grams in, my body began to talk to me, showing me where pain was still living and how I could extract it. To begin to clear my sacral space, the little children asked me to use my voice to share with others how I was healing and what I was doing. I was also reminded that connecting more deeply to nature and to other folks with wombs would help us all to heal collectively. I was told that the disconnect folks feel to their womb space is a direct reflection of mother earth and the deep wound occurring in real time. We are the land and the land is us. 


BreadxButta’s Botanica was created from this life changing experience and journey—all of the many plant medicine education courses & energy healing workshops were created out of real life experiences and tried & true recipes. But to this date, nothing has been quite as immersive as this integration program. 


This 6 week program is a hybrid plant medicine journey and spiritual herbalism course that takes place in community with other folks who have wombs. Some of the most profound moments on my healing journey took place while I was sharing space with others where we spoke openly about our life experiences, our struggles, our joys and stories. Spending time together talking, becoming mirrors for one another, laughing together, showing strength in vulnerability and the power in love—this is the kind of profound community based healing I imagined took place in Indigenous Red Tents. 

Our Indigenous ancestors held these red tent ceremonies where groups of folks with wombs on their cycles gathered in ceremony. They’d chant, dance, and go into deep meditation. In meditation, they’d ask for guidance on their personal lives and for the collective. Red tents channeled the heightened intuition that accompanies the bleeding phase of our cycles.

Our foremothers recognized our menstrual cycle’s connections to lunar cycles as magic. They understood that each phase of your cycle provides insight on how to move in life with more ease and less stress. Our modern day society does not create space for this kind of knowledge sharing. We are now in a place where in many states, the sovereignty we have on our bodies and wombs are being challenged. And so, I created this program as a way to reclaim our power and strength alongside our community. A sacred space where we can open up and remember the power in our bodies, no matter what stage you are in on your uterine health journey. 


In this 6 week program we will:

  • Channel our ancestors' practices and heal in community.

  • Use mushroom medicine and its energetic magic to help us tap in a bit deeper and connect to our bodies and heart space.

  • Learn about the 4 stages of our cycle,

  • Learn the healing properties of plant medicines

  •  How to create limpiezas

  •  Intro to energy work 

  • Heal with the land

The goal of this course is to remind you how to access your inner healer and to spark the innermost wisdom that we hold. Along the way, I will impart my herbalism knowledge to you. We will sit in ceremony, meditate, move, breathe, talk, heal and decolonize the womb space.

After this course you will have the knowledge of an extensive list of womb healing/ sacral healing plants, you will learn how to access your divine energy source and transfer that energy. We will also talk about yoni steaming and its history, we will perform a group limpieza together and learn useful breathwork practices to get grounded. In another integration, we will learn yoga poses to help offset cramp pain and lower back issues, we will also work on the power of visualization and what deities we can call on for support. 


This 6 week journey will come with a full package including: 

  • One on one session with Lynsey

  • Spiritual Bath

  • 6 weeks of a unique microdose mushroom medicine 

  • Flower Essence to support your energy and process

  • Materia Medica on all the herbs covered

  • Notes on all energy practices and protocols discussed and practiced in class 

  • Tools needed for every session 

  • 1 workshop for 6 weeks ranging from 2-3hours 

  • Closed group chat on Signal to connect and share


Exchange: $488 / $81 weekly

  *Payment Plans are available* 


Beginning September 9th, 2022 with an opening zoom integration call, gathering both our online and in person cohort 

Online Cohort meeting every Tuesday starting 9/13 from 6-8pm (recordings available) 

In Person Cohort meeting every Wednesday starting 9/14 rom 6-8pm (Limited Space) 


Sign ups end on Monday 9/5. 


Payment Plan: 

$150 due at sign up. 

$67 due weekly for 5 weeks, starting 9/9 

We will send over the payment options after your initial sign up <3


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