Empath Spray


The Empath Protection Spray was created for those who feel deeply- to help keep us centered, grounded & protected. Hand crafted & made using traditional Boriken Plant Medicine, Ocean water from la isla, cascarilla protection & essential oils to help with grounding. This spray will assist in clearing your energetic field from anything that does not serve you. It will help to protect you from energies that do not belong to you- all while supporting your heart & re-filling your cup.

Suggested use: Spray into your hands rubbing them together & wipe your hands over the areas of your body where you have physically collected heavy energy. Take your hands together and take a deep inhale after you have removed excess energy, taking this breath helps to ground you back into your own energy & physical temple. 

You can also use empath spray in spaces as a room mist - home, work and even in your car. 

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