Root | Grounding Integration Essence


Root | Grounding: Harnessing the Ashe of the Orisha Shango, this blend assists us with feeling deeply connected to Mother Earth and to our purpose here on earth. This blend is helpful if you’re feeling disconnected to your physical vessel and feeling unsafe in your body. If you experienced a physical trauma, if you disassociate and/or feel disconnected from your sexual organs. This blend calls us to be closer to our temple and to honor it as such, with fierce attention and love. The energy of Shango is fearlessness and passion. May this blend ignite the fire within and light the way.  * Redwood essence, Saguaro essence, Ruda flower, Rose

Directions: Use 3-4 drops in a beverage of your choice or body mist, bath or anything water soluble. Set an intention over your water * 

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