Jurema Caps


Our newest micrdxemedicine is here! Jurema- named after the Amazonian Cabocla and queen of the woods- this Umbanda & Catimbó diety is known and called upon to channel her warrior spirit that is accessed through vulnerability and healing. She resides in the jungle and uses her knowledge of plant medicine to heal matters of the heart, heart break, grief and coming to terms with new realities (through empowerment and remembering our birthright to shift perspective and narratives). Jurema is also closely associated with Bobinsana (Amazonian Mimosa) tree.

 I was called to create this blend as I have been moving through a season of grief and had been needing to shift my perspective from a place of disempowerment to an empowered and embodied, heart centered space. Like many of us at this moment in time.

This blend is made with a proprietary blend of medicinal mushrooms, mushroom and Bobinsana (the flower and the bark of the tree.)

Bobinsana is often prescribed by Cuanderxs to help heal wounds from childhood- for soul retrieval- for folks who have given their power away. The ashe of Bobinsana bathes our energy body with the softness of light, awakening the inner pathways to unconditional self love. She reminds us that love is the highest state of receivership, reminding us not to forget the necessary power of self love. 

One of the mushrooms in the proprietary blend is Reishi- reishi helps to guide us through the obstacles standing between you, and enlightenment. It also literally strengthens the heart muscle and helps to lower cortisol levels.

mushroom is a fungi that is used as a mental wellness treatment. It is an entheogen and is shamanically used as a heart opener- allowing us to give ourselves grace and instead of being more visually stimulated, go deeper for an introspective experience.


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