Get Ready for the New Year: Pisces SZN in March

I love this astrological season of Pisces! Especially during March.

For me, it feels like the actual new year with spring so close, daylight savings a few weeks away, and all the inward / seed planting energy that Pisces season offers us.

In my past canna-farming life in California, March was the season for prepping & planting, setting intentions for your crop to blossom all rich, beautiful, and bodly throughout the summer. I treat my own intention setting and seed planting in a similar way: 

Autumn is for clearing and taking energetic stock. 

Winter is for laying low and going into hermit mode, conserving energy. 

Spring is for planting and preparing myself for my new year.

And Summer is about being very outward, tapping into extroverted energy, being more social and bursting with vibrancy. 

Pero, that’s just meee. I like to look to nature for how she’s moving and learn to adapt to her ebbs and flows as much as I can.

As we swim through the energies of Pisces season and prep for the New Year, let’s understand some of the energies that Pisces is known to rule…

Body Parts and Systems Governed by Pisces 

Pisceans are believed to absorb all the lessons of the other eleven signs because they are the final star sign. With that sometimes heavy load, Pisces governs the feet, the anchor of the entire body. Astrologers say that because Pisces rules this area, they love to travel far and wide (hi, it me literally writing this from Brazil).

Pisces rule the lymphatic system too, and like the lymphatic system, Pisceans are sponges. Often being highly empathic, they can be prone to absorbing toxic energy, not knowing what energy is theirs and what is not. This can affect their immune system if they don't learn ways to weed that energy out. Pisces are also known to be highly intuitive and psychic. These energies are connected to our Pineal Gland—this tiny organ housed in the brain is responsible for producing melatonin and influencing a number of biorhythms and deep intuition.

The planet ruling this sign is Neptune. Neptune is a powerful provider of perspective, depth, and understanding. This large, blue, slower moving planet moves above us with an all-encompassing air of unity and peace, reminding us that we are all interconnected across time and space. Neptune dissolves the boundaries between us and the spirit realm and can blur between fantasy and reality. Pisces is where we weave together our emotional states with our connections to others.

Pisces Reminds Us We're All Interconnected

Just a friendly reminder that these energies do not only affect Piscean folx, but every single one of us as we move through the astrological season. We may be feeling some of these energies bubbling up or existing within us at this moment. Like I said, being that it's the last zodiac sign, Pisces energy reminds us that we are all interconnected across time and space. 

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