How to Drain Your Lymphatic System and Keep it Healthy

Did you know that Pisces rules the lymphatic system? What is the lymphatic system, you may ask? Well, it turns out that it’s the largest circulatory system in your body. While our blood (cardiovascular) circulatory system brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to our cells, the lymphatic system is actually the ‘garbage collector’ that carries and filters waste products away from every part of our body, including the brain and gut.

I first learned about the lymphatic system on Organic Olivia’s Podcast “What’s the Juice” in her episode Lymphatic Drainage in 2020 and I’ve been obsessed with learning about it ever since. I’m sure all of you have seen the million Gua Sha videos on IG & Tik Tok but this shit is REEEAL.

Help Move Your Lymphatic System Through Lifestyle Habits

Something I learned is that, while our circulatory system has our heart to pump and clean blood automatically, the lymph has NO built-in pump whatsoever. Our lymphatic vessels and nodes only move manually through exercise, massage, and diet; which is why it’s so easy to get backed up with our modern lifestyle. Also, drinking lots of water helps improve movement. So, while we love a gua sha moment, what are some other ways that we can move our lymph?

WELL - I asked Lymphatic Masseuse Chloe Cofresi of Beam and Flow to speak with our BxB community about ways to activate the lymph in our gut—where the largest amount of nodes reside—and show us a quick tutorial. Check it out in the video below!

Simple Gut Lymphatic Drainage with Chloe Cofresi:


Morning Routine to Activate Your Lymphatic System

Over the last 2 years I have created a routine to activate my LS through breathwork, yoga and my morning gua sha routine. Im stoked to share the video with yall, and while I am certainly no expert, I wanted to show you folks how a simple lil gua sha and hydration can really shift us physically and spiritually. Catch my morning routine video below:
  I hope you keep these tips in mind and continue to be mindful of your lymphatic system as an important network in our bodies that we have to maintain!