BreadxButta's Flower Essence List

Flower Essences are the highest expression of vibrational medicine, they are created with the spiritual imprint of plants. They carry the flower’s unique life force expression and activate specific healing qualities within the subtle energy fields of the body. Flower essences are herbal infusions of flower medicine, blessed by sunlight and charged water. Each flower has its own energy signature which can support us in embodying different versions of our true selves. Their medicine helps regulate our nervous system and deepen connection to our energy field and to our mother earth. They can be used for emotional wellness and are supportive for bringing our emotions into balance and harmony. For further connection to our essences, please check out our Soundcloud of Plant Vibrations and Sacred Sound Scapes. 

This essence collection began in 2018 when Lynsey started to develop a deep connection with flowers and their vibrational medicine. She since has sourced over 30+ essences from around the world- as well as capturing their sound imprint. 


Use 3-4 drops to any beverage, body mist or use as an anointing elixir

Ayahuasca - Sourced in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico 

Ayahuasca Flower Essence helps us to deepen our telepathy and communication between humans, animal relatives, plants, elementals, Angelic beings and realms we may not know exist. It strengthens our clairvoyance, clairsentience

It assists the body and helps deep self healing and builds immunity. Use this remedy along with affirmations, movement, meditation and sonic journeys to change and reprogram the body on a cellular level for transformation of disease from within. It allows us to hear what your body is trying to say through illness or disease. 

Note and disclaimer: While Ayahuasca is the vine from the Amazon used as an entheogenic herbal drink in Yage or Daime ceremonies you ARE NOT ingesting a hallucinogen! Again, with flower essences we are working with the vibration of the plant and its flowers, not its actual substance.

Yarrow- Sourced in Idyllwild, California 

Yarrow represents BOUNDARIES. Like little umbrellas or shields, Yarrow offers protection from negative energies or toxic influences. She helps you to build strong, healthy boundaries and compassionate awareness of self and others. This essence helps us  to avoid unnecessary energy leaks and general depletion as you evolve and grow. It is often used for psychic protection. Yarrow flower essence helps maintain the boundary between what is you and what is another. It helps you feel safe and contained. It also seems to bring protection from electronic and other radiation.

Calendula- Sourced in Humbolt California

Calendula flower essence imparts a warm, golden sunlight of healing. She brings joyfulness. This remedy gives great forces of warmth and compassion to the human soul. It helps us to balance the active and receptive modes of communication. As flower of the sun, Calendula brings light wherever it goes, encouraging us to open to the spiritual light available to us all, and allows us to exist in a state of receptivity and abundance. Calendula brings gentle and effective communication with others, and empathy for the experiences of those around us. It strengthens the solar plexus chakra, known for dealing with issues of self worth, self-empowerment, clear decision-making, and gut level instinct. Consider working with this essence when dealing with these matters, or when you could use a little extra sunshine in your life. If you lack receptivity in communication with others, lack warmth in life or tend to be argumentative, this may be a useful ally for you. Calendula essence can also help clear energetic toxins stemming from our own thoughts and feelings or thoughts and feelings of others. Its sunlight purifies the lingering remains of stagnant energies.

Redwood- Sourced in Redwood Valley, California

Redwood essence helps us to feel at home no matter where we are. There is a sense of belonging and knowing that we are always supported—because we do belong and we are supported by this beautiful Earth we call home, and we can always access that unwavering stability. We allow ourselves to feel welcomed, looked out for, and completely accepted by those we trust.

This tree essence encourages us to notice where we feel a sense of community—which can be with other people or even places, environments, plants, and animals—and ask ourselves how we can create even more community. And, Redwood strengthens these bonds by opening us up to more easily receive assistance from others so we become more free to offer support in return. In other words, the more we are able to receive, the more we are able to give.

Redwood allows us to tap into the stability that already exists within ourselves. By learning to observe ourselves—our thoughts, our emotions, our reactions—we can separate from those things and realize they do not define us. The biggest, vastest, most reliable version of you is the one observing all that occurs.

**Please stay tuned for more essences TBA**