6 Daily Rituals to Create For Yourself

At the top of 2021 I made a promise to myself to make ritual a part of my daily routine. It has helped to ground me and set the tone for my day. I owe a lot to those moments of ritual because when things felt a little uncertain or when days felt more difficult, I had my routines to help bring me back to myself. I would love to share a few of these rituals with you folks in hopes that it offers some support as we transition into a new year with new intentions. 

A lot of these rituals became products in our Botanica as I realized through clients and conversations with folks– we all need a little extra support sometimes.

But let’s start with some free, easy techniques for grounding and anxiety relief. 

1. Set the Tone for Your Day

Set the literal TONE for your day- scientists and therapists have studied how music can truly shift the mood we are in. Brain scans show that upon listening to soothing music, a stressed out mind can shift towards a more calming state in seconds. I mean, let's think about how we already make efforts to uplift our moods with music we love?! Try beginning your day with a soothing/chill playlist. This year, I even went as far as changing my alarm tone to an Alice Coltrane Harp Solo lol. Here are 2 Playlists that I have curated for our upcoming States of Consciousness Integration

States of Consciousness: Morning Meditation

States of Consciousness: Walking Meditation

2. Incorporate More Breathwork in Your Life

Tapping into your breath is an easy way to ground ourselves and activate our parasympathetic systems. I often practice a few moments of breathwork while in my shower when beginning my day, when I’m at a red light sometimes,  after a stressful moment…you can tap into your breath at any time!

I like Box Breathing, an example: exhale completely, letting allllll the air in your lungs out through your mouth. Really exhale and imagine you are squeezing the air out of your lungs. Pause there and hold for a 2-3 count. Then slowly inhale through your nose, steady and slowly- visualize the air you’re inhaling as golden light filling your body.

Allow yourself to take a FULL deep breath and when your lungs are at capacity, sip in a little bit more air. Then, pause for a 2-3 count and then slowly exhale through your mouth again. From there, repeat. Exhaling completely, pausing at the bottom of your breath for a 2-3 count and then again, inhaling through your nose slowly, visualizing a golden light of love filling your body and then pausing again and so on.

I have a few friends who also use this technique with their children, you can notice a shift in the little ones really quickly and they are learning new tools to calm themselves and tune back into their bodies. 

3. Treat Your Body as an Altar

After a shower or bath I always use oils and body butters, not only to soften my skin but also to connect with my physical body- thanking my legs for their strength, my arms for helping me allll day, my back for holding me upright, my hands for being my main tools…I created Pussy Money Weed and Queen Bitch for our BxB Botanica after using these blends for years on myself to channel these inner energies and protect my aura.

Pussy Money Weed is great for nourishing your skin and also drawing in abundance, igniting our sacral chakra & solar plexus energy- and draws power from the fire of love oil blend and protection magic. Queen Bitch softens your skin and also draws in deep self love, sacral healing and self confidence, tapping into your inner baddie and goddess.  

4. Burn Sacred Smoke

I always begin my day at home and even at Haus, with a little sacred smoke. I love to burn incense or herb bundles to set the vibration and energetic feeling of my space. Post shower/breathwork you can find me rummaging through my herb drawer trying to figure out what herb im about to light and fill my home with. In the morning I often start with something lighter like rosemary or sage. These two herbs are going to lighten the energy in a space and provide mental clarity. Not to mention, cleanse your space and auric field. 

5. Take Spiritual Baths

Abre Camino Spiritual Bath

Spiritual Baths have been a monthly practice for me for years, but to be honest, I was not as adamant about them until this year. A spiritual bath is a great ritual to cleanse your mind, body,  spirit and auric field. When you are working with a spiritual bath you are immersing yourself in a ritual where you are opening up to your higher self and to spirit. You can tap into different herbs, oils and flowers for these.

I will be opening this new year (on the new moon) with our Abre Camino Bano (Open Road Bath) It is an Herbal Bath and/or Floor wash that helps to remove any obstacles in your way and helps to open the path to your highest good and prosperity.  Often used as a New Year Bano for your body and Floor wash for home to prepare yourself for all the new positive possibilities the New Year can bring.

Other great options are Eliminacion, to remove negativity and heaviness. You can also use this for cord cutting, Mal de mojo removal, depressive state removal, grief release and heart ache. Claridad Head wash or Bano blended to calm an overactive mind, soothe stress, cool your head from a temper/anger. It is also used to enhance your dreams and downloads from your higher self and ancestors. 

6. Microdose Sacred Earth Medicine

Wisdom Eye BreadxButta

Our Wisdom Eye Capsules have been a ritual for me this year. They are brain boosting, promote mental clarity & neural regeneration, memory support, serotonin building, offer anxiety relief, cortisol support, deeper personal insight, heart opening and grounding. They are made up of Lion's Mane mushroom, Niacin and .20 grams of Golden Teacher mushroom. The list of benefits for Lion’s Mane are very long but they are most widely known for their cognitive support, memory support,  focus, creativity, productivity and neural plasticity assistance.

They are also an adaptogen working to lower our cortisol levels and ease stress & anxiety. Niacin is a B vitamin that is used by our body to turn food or in this case, mushrooms into energy. It stimulates blood flow and creates Qi.  Golden Teacher mushroom is a psilocybe cubensis mushroom aka magical mushroom that is used as a mental wellness treatment. It is an entheogen and is shamanically used as a heart opener- allowing us to give ourselves grace and instead of being more visually stimulated, go deeper for an introspective experience. 

I Hope that these tools help to act as a ritual to guide you back to yourself! I hope that this new year brings you health, happiness, more love and success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being supporters of BreadxButta, for being a part of my journey and a part of this beautiful community.