5 Tips to Help Boost Your Energy and Immune System

Hello BxB Fam!

I hope that you are all having a great start to your New Year and are keeping cozy—it is COLD AF here in Brooklyn lol. 

I’ve been having a very transitional start to the year. I officially handed my keys in to Haus at the beginning of the month & am in the process of moving out of my apartment that I've lived in for the last 8 years! Transition is a small word to encapsulate all this energy lol.

Last November on the blog, I talked about my experience with trying to be more intentionally present & slowing down a bit. My whole soul and spirit had been craving this for a long while but my physical body was having a harder time—a beautiful mushroom medicine journey and a deep dream gave me some clarity on why. Oftentimes, when we’re in service of others, we can lose sight of our own needs, and oftentimes, when we are in the motions of change, we tend to look for grounding outside of ourselves—I for one, have deeefinitely been moving through these patterns. The dream I had reminded me that any healing and answers I am in search of, are already within me. 

Since then, your girl has been making moooves to slow down a bit and reflect on areas of my life that need a little shedding and a little rest, just like the plant life around us in the North East right during the winter season. Working on calming my nervous system, my cortisol levels and being present with me.

Live in Harmony with the Seasons

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), it’s believed that we should live in harmony with the seasons. Each season has its set of recommendations for keeping our health, immune systems, and energy strong. In TCM texts, folks are advised to rest in the winter months. To chill, move slowly, go to bed early and get up after sunrise. Winter is associated with water and tending to the waters of our body, being in flow & moving intentionally. This advice is so effective—that today, over 2000 years later, people around the world still follow these guidelines.

Here are 5 tips to help boost your energy and immune system during the long winter months:

  1. Eat meals that will help deeply nourish and warm the body, including eating warm, hearty comfort food, root vegetables, soups, whole grains, and roasted nuts.
  2. Stay well hydrated. Drink room-temperature water throughout the day. ( & teas!)
  3. Go to sleep earlier, to help ensure you are well rested.
  4. Make sure you stay warm—if you are vulnerable to the cold, keep your head, neck, belly and upper and lower back covered and warm (even indoors if you have a weaker immune system).
  5. When you feel more tired and drained, make an effort to really rest and not expend much energy.

The bonus of staying warm and well hydrated during the winter is the ability to drink plenty of herbal tea! Check out my blog, 6 Herbal Allies for Qi Support for some great herbs to work with during this season to help you find more harmony within your body.