Everything Is A Ritual—3 Ways To Incorporate Rituals Into Your Day

I truly mean it when I say that I think of everything as a ritual—from the way I brush my teeth, shower, cook, dress myself, clean my home, run my business and walk through the streets—it's all ritual. Shifting into that mindset has helped me to be more mindful throughout my day.  

There is something special about waking up and receiving sun rays as they peek through your curtains—it feels like newness every morning and I believe we’re blessed to experience it. On most days, and especially on days where I need some more uplifting vibes—the curtains to my windows are open. The sun is literally charging us up, amping our mood, feeding our body with vitamins and adding brightness to our outlook and home. We need that shiiiiit.

All of this to say, step one is to wake up and smile.

Be grateful for rising, open the window, feel the sun and smile. Dassit. This small ritual can radically shift our mindset and can set the intention for your day ahead.
Think about what you're ingesting first thing in the morning. I know we all talk about taking a break from social media (IG, TikTok, Twitter, etc.) but on some real shit, sometimes that's easier said than done—I get it.

While I was away, I thought a lot about my interactions online and who they were with. I thought about what I was seeing, how I was responding to it, etc. I'm online for work a lot, so I wanted to rethink my relationship with it. I decided to go on an unfollowing spree—I realized that I didn’t neeeed to follow thousands of people and that I could curate my timeline on social media to be something more useful. Instead of mindlessly scrolling and moving past things that did not really interest me, I started to hit the unfollow button—respectfully lol.

Since a lot of my work does entail interacting with folks on social media, I wasn't going to remove it completely, but instead, allow my feed to be filled with inspirational things, nature images, good music, family, friends—the things that I care about.

1. Add Plants to Your Space


Adding some green to your home can be visually pleasing, but also energetically protective or receiving. Not only do plants clean the air we are breathing buttt also, a lot of them are spiritually active as well.

Here are some easy houseplants to take care of:

  1. Snake Plant is associated with good luck and brings positivity into the surrounding area. It also is hella purifying, they also provide oxygen at night, enhancing sleep. In my family and in a lot of Latinx spaces, the snake plant is used as protection. The leaves are said to be similar to the swords of St. George. They are easy to care for and require watering about 2x monthly in winter months and 1x month in humid summer months. She requires low light and will literally thrive anywhere you place her.

  2. Pothos—these plantitas can survive even the moldiest green thumb lol. They require light, not necessarily direct sunlight but you know, light to thrive. She’s gotta be watered more frequently than the snake plant but my rule is, if you put your finger in the soil and your first digit is dry, water her! Her soil needs good drainage to prevent root rot. Pothos plants represent perseverance and are perfect for people who are relentless in following their dreams. Their vines grow long and fast with determination.

  3. Aloe is a succulent that I truly believe you cannot live without. Not only does this mama plant cure skin ailments, you can eat her jelly for belly woes and digestive issues. She alsooo makes so many baby aloe plants when she's in full thrive mode. The aloe plant is often kept in and around the home for protection and good luck. It is even said that its presence on a spiritual and energetic level cleanses whatever space it's in from evil spirits. In my culture, aloe is thought to be connected to Yemaya and symbolizes a mothers protection and care. 

2. Buy Yourself Some Flowers

If you’re not convinced about house plants, flowers are a great alternative. I love a sunday bouquet to kick off the week. Flowers add brightness and liveliness to your space with the quickness.

3. Treat Your Body as Your Altar

I'm in the process of moving and as I cleared away lots of old things that were tied to old versions of myself, I was experiencing all sorts of emotions. Having been through a tough few years in that space, I decided to create a spiritual bath for myself to cut cords with the old and truly make space for newness. My Baño For Tying Up Loose Ends is a quick and easy way for you to cleanse your own body alter at home with ingredients you likely have in your kitchen.

In my truest love language, an offering to you filled with gratitude for this dope community. An offering in the form a new Springtime playlist meditation <3
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