Distant Energy Balancing & Heart Healing $20 DISTANT SESSIONS


Our Community Energy Balancing sessions were created to make this powerful modality accessible to everyone. Since COVID-19, we are unable to host these community sessions in person. So we have decided that in order to create more access to everyone during this time, we are offering $20 / 30 minute Distant Energy Balancing sessions.

During this distant session, receive guidance and clarity through a blend of modalities including Reiki and vibrational sound therapy to help release and unblock any stagnant energies. It is asked that you are in a receiving state during our distant session. Whether that is by meditating, laying down, or sitting comfortably. I will send you an email before our session begins to give you a heads up & a moment to tune in energetically

If you are purchasing this session for yourself or for someone else, please send me the persons full name and birth date in the order notes. 

Thank you! ❣️

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