• Image of The Healer - 500mg
  • Image of The Healer - 500mg

The Healer is choc’ full of Adaptogenic Ashwagandha & stress relieving CBD. This blend works directly with the nervous system & works hard to keep cortisol levels low while also promoting lots of mental clarity & refining our memory.

500mg Organic Cannabinoids, MCT Oil, Hemp Oil, Ashwagandha

Recommended use:
½ Dropper once daily, under your tongue or added to any room temperature beverage.

Contains ingredients known to help prevent & relieve:
Hemp and Ashwagandha are both profound healing herbs. They work harmoniously to relieve anxiety and increase mental clarity. Both herbs work hard to reduce inflammation, promote internal/external healing, help to boost your immune system, fight autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, IBS, Thyroid conditions and more.

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