The Remembrance retreat will focus on reciprocity with Mother Earth and with our physical temple. Together,  we will connect with the land, hands in the earth- tending, listening and feeling. We will sit in sacred ceremony and sing to spirit, to our ancestors and our inner child. Los ninos Santos will always bring us home—- back to that deep space of knowing and trust- that space of remembrance; who you are & and HOW you are. 



We will practice a pagamento ceremony for the ocean to Yemaya, Olokun & the waters reflected in our bodies.

During this trip we will swim in  Oshun’s river and give thanks for the sweetness of life. We’ll hike the rainforest and learn native medicine surrounding us on the way. 



There will be morning integration sessions, workshops offered throughout the week and one on one healing sessions. 

Throughout the week, we will be sitting with Rapeh, Cacao, Tobacco, Cannbis & Psychdlic mushrooms as well as other modalities such as sound healing, breath work, creative expression and group integration activations. There will also be beach time and down time to relax and rejuvenate! Join us for a week in San Juan Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 🌺


Our experienced facilitators bring years of medicine work and journey guidance- to meet you exactly where you are. 

We will be sitting for an overnight ceremony & heart opening journey 

The retreat includes: 

+ Health and wellbeing intake 

+ One on one virtual preparation Platica

+ Group virtual preparation & integration

+ Opening ceremony 

+ 2 medicine ceremonies

+ Guided hikes & plant identification through the rainforest 

+ Daily breathwork and movement practices 

+ Daily group work and activities 

+ Ocean offering & Full Moon ceremony

+ One on one energy session with Lynsey 


+ Plus: 

+ One on one healing sessions & body work 

+ 2 workshops on plant medicine and The Orisha

+ Organic breakfast + lunch + dinner 

+ Bonfires


& MORE surprises to come 



I am only bringing 16 people with me at this retreat! It is first come first serve. 

I will provide your lodging, spiritual & energy work session, meals/snacks, transportation to offsite activities, medicine ceremonies, plant medicines offered throughout the week (canna/smoke blends/ teas), linens and ritual tools. 

We do not cover any transportation (rental cars, bus, train or flights) to the property. I.E. if you decide to rent a car during the retreat you will be responsible for tolls, gas fees. 


We are sleeping in double occupancy rooms. Each room has 2 queen sized beds and private bathroom. We feel it is important for the integration process and for the community aspect of the experience to share space together. You may pick your roomie beforehand!

There is a large and beautiful pool onsite with reclining chairs and lots of outdoor chill space to relax and unwind in nature. Our location is right on the border of El Yunque, the plant life is beautiful and will be surrounding us! 



DATES: February 1-6, 2023

LOCATION: Luquillo Puerto Rico


We are also providing a payment plan through Paypal.

Payment plan option (PayPal) is $3500. Please send us an email after you book the initial non-refundable deposit of $350. It is a weekly option to be paid from the time you sign up until 1/30/23.