By ZamboniFunk

Desire is dodgy terrain, and September's skies seek to plumb its depths thoroughly. This month offers a rich opportunity to explore the smelly, composty muck of transformation and to tend the tiptoed line between revulsion and craving. What happens when we want ugly things? How do we sit with the fraught, ethically ambivalent path to prosperity? Looking profoundly, fearfully, and courageously at matters of the heart, paradoxical as they may be, yields a more coherent future. Are you ready for your close up?

 Get a Move on Sooner than Later

Before we get scared, let's get started: early in the month, we get some good opportunities to move weight in a productive direction. The New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus on 9/6 is a good time to motivate and flush problems out of the system in order to engineer innovation; Mercury and Venus in Libra make a helpful trine to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius (respectively) that same day for  friendly cooperation, supportive for teambuilding communication. A strong foundation is worth building now, before we jump in the deep end.

Plunge into Goth Desire

Venus enters Scorpio on 9/11, a position which can find fear and danger titillating; 2021’s signature Saturn square Uranus hits close to home as Venus joins the party, and conflicting inclinations toward liberation and safety, innovation and reliability, feel vulnerably personal. Venus in Scorpio first squares Saturn in Aquarius on 9/17, and feelings push toward stress as desires become hidden behind troublesome obstacles. A week later, an opposition to Uranus in Taurus on 9/23 suggests potential for eruption, making drastic moves in a new direction; when you’re boxed in, a wildly different approach seems more appealing than ever.

How to Emerge Victorious: Do Not Fight

Mars enters Libra on 9/15, where it will stay until 10/30; under the beams of the Sun as well, Mars is invisible and largely ineffective in this position. Decisive, independent action is weak, and  head-to-head combat seems a poor strategy. The pen may yet turn out to be mightier than the sword, under this sky. 

Have Another Look

When feelings are hurt and accurate information hard to find, pulling punches can be a good idea. Mercury stations retrograde at 25° Libra on 9/27, square to Pluto in Capricorn, calling for review and reassessment of agreements and understood meanings; last month’s Venus in Libra activated some hopeful teamwork, how’s that going now? A power dynamic may need to be reexamined, or an old grievance may need a new patch; we can count on confusion amidst emotional investment, and nearby Mars suggests a sharp tongue to be wary of. Minor disagreements can feel like major betrayals under this sky, but a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius insists on personal accountability if systems are to function efficiently. Air signs such as Libra and Aquarius remind us to breathe, not only to fuel a tirade, but sometimes also just to do it. Where’s the rush?

Got To Be Real

Matters of the heart take center stage in September, facing pressure on both personal and societal scales; these questions, whose responses go on to found the next two centuries, are at the core of the future-building project which currently faces the world. Venus in Scorpio encourages honesty above all else, leading the way with genuine, messy, heartfelt truth. How will you know it doesn’t feel good if you don’t try it yourself?

For an in-depth discussion on air-sign Mercury retrogrades in 2021 and how to create a more livable world, check out this free talk I did in April.

Get your productivity on: at 3:25pm on 9/8 (if not in NYC, make 4 Capricorn rising in your location). Start a project, get some work done, feel good about it.

A day to be wary: September 20. Be easy, call a friend, don’t work too hard; go out of your way to not be a shithead. 

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