By ZamboniFunk

To wage war head-on this October is a fool’s endeavor; you, and most importantly your team, have to be more clever than that. Simply yelling at an entrenched opponent is unlikely to do anyone any good, but cultivating good relations, especially to those with management and cleric responsibilities, is as valuable as ever. 

Sometimes, pluck doesn’t cut it

The Sun and Mars typically prefer straightforward melee; go shoot up the bad guys, save the day, be a badass. This month, however, finds these two debilitated in Libra, neither equipped to effectively perform and each in position to harm the other. Authoritative command bristles, and decisive orders generate more infighting than productive action. Direct action is weak, and easily stifled.

Mercury, retrograde in Libra until 10/18, calls attention to these executive shenanigans. Delayed projections, plans set back, and good old fashioned mistakes generate noise and confusion, and frustrations build to a peak on 10/9 with a conjunction between all three Mars, the Sun, and Mercury at 16° Libra. Watch for angry outbursts around this time, and don’t forget that the pressure cooker bursts most assuredly because of what's going on inside, rather than because of any external event.

A strong network is a rescue remedy

Saving grace this month comes from soft aspects made to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Libra planets make a helpful trine to them, indicating that friendly support might be available even when one’s own actions—and attitude—seem inept. 

Furthermore, frustrated miscommunications offer an opportunity to examine the value sets which undergird inherently flawed systems. The planet who speaks to worth, desire, and consensus, Venus, moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 10/7, just after the New Moon in Libra (10/6). Venus in Sagittarius makes a sextile to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, offering a complimentary, inspiring perspective to the month’s energies. You might be sitting in a mess, but someone else might have a need for the very jumble which causes your headache, and vice versa. Indeed, a divergent perspective engenders much value in this context.

If I can’t do it myself, is anyone in my field capable?

In October, there is no small bit of focus on one's own ineptitude; personal weakness is on display, and this can cause anxious discomfort. And yet, this same weakness offers a rich opportunity to broaden and deepen the network connections which sustain lifeways beyond the power of any individual. One hand washes the other, and together they can wrangle the tasks of everyday living much more capably than with only one. 

Are you bold enough to recognize your own faults and ask for help?

For an in-depth discussion on air-sign Mercury retrogrades in 2021 and how to use them to create a more livable world, check out this free talk I did in April.

Get connective with a loved one at 8:06pm on 10/23. Communicate your desires, and work together to achieve them.

A day to be wary: October 9. Be nice, plz, and let uncomfortable situations point to growth’s edges. 

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