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Push comes to shove this November, with smoldering tensions that began over a year ago finally coming to a boiling point. Structures and contracts which might have been tenuous and unwieldy for some time meet a spark this month whose ignition ripples for months to come. If you used Venus in Scorpio during September and October to do an honest assessment of your values, passions, and non-negotiables, then November is time to make decisive moves toward those ends.

Anywhere But Here
The New Moon in Scorpio on 11/4 kicks things off with a bang. This lunation is directly opposite a notoriously capricious Uranus in Taurus, and is also ruled by Mars, who is present in Scorpio and square to Saturn in Aquarius. What is seeded at this moment seeks to challenge authorities, almost for its own sake; rebels have eaten shit for long enough, and unrest bubbles up in due time like a hot burp, raucous and unruly. This is a hotheaded Moon which calls up much change in short order, so we mightn’t be surprised if things look very different in 6 month’s time, for good, bad, and other.

Mars in Scorpio: Staunch Opposition to Authority
Mars enters Scorpio on October 31, and so comes home to dignity and power. Emotionally invested and unwilling to let longstanding insults slide, Mars in this position offers focus and tenacity to tasks which require committed courage, as well as a scrappy disposition and willingness to tell truth to Power. Mars loves a challenge and shall not be disappointed this November, square to Saturn; the contest is loud, and Saturn in Aquarius is no slouch, armed with the full force of Institutional Efficiency. And yet, this persistent Mars has a tactical advantage for the first time in a long while, and it is unlikely that rebels and challengers will not exploit the opportunity.

As the Moon waxes, an already resolute Mars gains still more strength as Mercury enters Scorpio and Venus enters Capricorn on 11/5; dissent becomes more clever, and defiance ever more attractive to onlookers. Mercury may chafe under Mars's battlefield direction, but renegades benefit from Mercury’s attention to detail all the same. Meanwhile, a soft aspect from Venus serves to engender glamor and sex appeal in Mars's campaign, demonstrating that even those who nominally serve the Bosses still have a soft spot for bad bitxhes who do what they want.

By 11/10, Mars perfects a square to Saturn while simultaneously enjoying a conjunction from Mercury; although the Moon’s presence in Aquarius suggests an austere, Saturnian tone that day, Mars ultimately controls the microphone. Insubordinate narratives gain much ground under this sky, and although Official Reports blather on, many ears are tuned elsewhere by now.

The Tower
Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus on 11/17, just in time for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on 11/19; where tensions have hit a breaking point, a new kind of approach is necessary. Even outlandish ideas merit serious consideration under this sky. This is the first eclipse in this series, beginning an 18-month emphasis on inventive experimentation; make room for failure, keep an open mind, and remember that our origin point sucked anyway, or else we wouldn't be here.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on 11/22, followed by Mercury on 11/24, and these will conjoin exactly on 11/28; coherence is made possible only by leaving behind an old paradigm. Meaning-making is new and different in a new era, and new methods must be used for discerning Truth. Outdated tools measure irrelevant information; rather, out-of-the-box thinking offers a different vision entirely. In order to receive new input, it is necessary to divest from obsolete models of ontology. What if our response to the crisis is part of the crisis?

Get Started, and See What Happens 
November is full of rebukes to authorities big and small, and offers no shortage of moxie and drive to try new things instead. Perseverance in the face of obstacles makes for a successful long term, especially when coupled with flexible methodology and navigational thinking. Many people have been stretched thin for months; at what point have things gone far enough? When that point arrives, what happens next?

Build your team up with big 3 of Cups energy at 11:23am on November 1st. A good network is worth more than gold, and joy more valuable still.
Avoid beginning new projects on November 25th. There are plenty of existing loose ends to tie up, and today’s new beginnings are more trouble than they’re worth.

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