MAY 2022


By ZamboniFunk


May 2022 is a moment which leans into chaos and unexpected twists. Its focal points are two major eclipses, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 15th; eclipses are by nature astounding, rooted in churning, changing tides, and their proximity to Uranus in Taurus this time around only magnifies their capacity for significant upheaval. Clever travelers will keep a flexible mindset, ready to navigate over, under, and through any obstacles, including those that might come out of left field.


The Year of the Clown

April 30th saw a gorgeous New Moon in Taurus, ruled by a beautifully exalted Venus in Pisces, conjunct Jupiter and Neptune. With so much delicious indulgence on the table, what possibly could go wrong? That this lunation was eclipsed suggests that things might not be what they seem, that insidious shadows may lurk behind a veneer of magnanimity. Jokesters may find a moment to pull a stunt and the ensuing chaos, perhaps meant to be hilarious, could turn out  a little more exciting than was bargained for. Eclipses endure for much longer than the one day on which they take place, and wise navigators do well to consider pranks and sleight of hand all throughout the month, up to half a year.  

As the Sun, the Sovereign, the Self, the Light, moves through Taurus all month, we’ll see not only eclipses but also a conjunction to Uranus on May 4th, inscribing yet more stressed volatility in the times. Under an Aries Venus rulership as well as an overcoming square from Saturn in Aquarius on May 15th (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio), this signature is likely to speak to emotional agitation, especially when it comes to the basic necessities of life. Food, shelter, rest, and art are still essential, but what even is this marketplace anymore, and how can we possibly value things appropriately? What is value when tricks are more meaningful than sincerity?


Wrong is Fine, Just Don’t Be Stupid

Meanwhile, Mercury is comfortably home in her home sign Gemini by the beginning of the month, seeming to indicate clarity and communicative ease; and yet, this domiciled Mercury is perilously slow on the uptake, and stations retrograde at 4° Gemini on May 9th. Instability indicated by all these eclipses can easily become errors in judgment, decreased capacity to edit/proofread, and exhausted brain fog, and these can lead to undesired outcomes. The Future is coming in hot, and noobs are always susceptible to misunderstandings and mistakes; the real question is, how will you sit with the resulting new information that comes in, and go on to improve your engagement? If data is the new coal, then how are you handling new input as it arrives? Is it time to revamp the way you gather and store intelligence? Mercury is retrograde from May 10 to June 2, re-entering Taurus on May 22.


Aggression Feels Good Sometimes

Did you have fun in April, with two essentially dignified benefics? On May 2, Venus moves from exaltation in Pisces to exile in Aries, a tremendous shift which speaks again to scrappy discomfort as a baseline. Venus in Aries is an influence which learns to love a thorny situation, because indeed there is great beauty in the form of a graceful warrior. Don't even roses carry weapons? Sometimes the most delicious thing you can do is tell a bitch to get up out the way

Jupiter moves in to join Venus  in Aries on May 11th. While no longer at home, with the power of a king in his own castle, Jupiter is plenty strong in fire signs like Aries, and to be ruled by Mars in Pisces who in turn is ruled by Jupiter is a genuinely cooperative signature. Take a look at the house in your chart occupied by Aries, and set yourself up to make some gains in that area while both benefic planets of increase and positivity (Venus and Jupiter) are present. Short bursts of intense activity in this area are likely to return the investment strongly.

Finally, Mars joins the Aries party on May 24th. Prior to this point, these Aries planets are likely to have plenty of exciting but diffuse energy; their ruler Mars has been in Pisces with Neptune (conjunct May 17th), ready to lean into the dream but without ideas for how to actually begin. Mars into Aries on May 24th is the starter pistol. Try something, anything. 

While in Aries, Mars is extremely powerful. This position benefits from Jupiter’s “say yes” energy, while at the same time gaining a kind of stability from a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius that is uncommon for this sign known for strong beginnings but uncertain follow through. Individuals who can find good footing will benefit from the driven perseverance offered here; there is much to gain from shaping the world to one’s vision of success. Those same individuals would do well to remember that nation states, armed much more strongly than any one person, are likely to feel a similar drive to conquer. Stay aware of the relationship between those spheres.


Ain’t Nothing To It But To Do It

The month finally ends with a New Moon in Gemini on May 30th, whose ruler, Mercury retrograde in Taurus, is still wrapped up in the same Saturn/Uranus, nodal dramas described above. Here we see a reflection of the themes we’ve seen all month; namely, that these are chaotic, messy, entangled times, fraught with errors and miscalculations. Virtue does not maintain its purity on the shelf, but rather jumps in, gets dirty, and sorts it all out as we go. Be willing to learn from past and present misjudgments in order to, at very least, make new mistakes. Do the thing, try the dream out. You might learn something. 

Start something big on May 5th  at 10:12AM (20 Cancer rising). Together, we can make this thing great.

Avoid beginning new projects on May 15th. Feelings are too high, and the tide is too volatile to generate any reliable results.

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