MARCH 2022



By ZamboniFunk

Sometimes irritated frustrations make it hard to appreciate the roses, even if we’ve stopped due to delays and could theoretically take the opportunity to smell them. The Grumpy Goat is strong this March; under these skies, it is advisable to get comfortable with Saturn’s core principles of stamina, endurance, and delayed gratification. Where does joy live, once the pressure is on?

Drink Deeply the Regenerative Waters of the Imaginal 

Jupiter in Pisces, who spent most of February in position to deliver enigmatic blessings of imaginative insight and creative cooperation, turns inward in March. Instead of outwardly connective encouragement, this month offers renewal, a reengagement with the inner foundations of hope. 

As the Sun treks through Pisces, Jupiter will remain under the Sun’s beams, invisible to spectators on the Earth’s surface. This period represents a tremendous opportunity to reacquaint with the core principles of a planet in its home context. Jupiter only comes home to Pisces (and therefore this house in your chart) one time every 12 years; how can you orient toward hope and meaning in that area of your own life? Jupiter is in the heart of the Sun, cazimi, on March 5th, offering a remarkable moment of clarity. What brings you gladness? How can that live alongside whatever challenges also exist? How powerful is genuine positivity, really? Jupiter remains under the beams until the Sun enters Aries on March 20th; throughout this time, integrating changed understandings inside oneself is more effective than trying to reroute inertiatic external conditions.


Learning and  Adaptation is Advantage

Under the New Moon in Pisces on March 2, Jupiter sees opportunity in all of the chaotic possibilities erupting throughout this historical moment, offering boundless visions of plenty to those who dare to dream prosperity. And yet, a close Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the same day speaks to trouble in paradise, especially when it comes to communicating with intimate loved ones. Furthermore, Venus and Mars simultaneously conjoin Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, exaggerating complicated matters further; could it be that alliances made under this sky are not what they seem? Faith in outcomes is misguided under these stars, but process and the assimilation of new input is as relevant as ever.

By nature, Pisces is constantly changing, and a sextile to Uranus in Taurus encourages new surprises all the time. Perhaps an approach which relies on first principles, adaptable to dynamic circumstances, is medicine for the unsteady and misinformed world we inhabit now? Consider water, who always knows which form to take, and therefore which function to perform: water is infinitely malleable, taking whatever shape a solid container demands; it supports the oldest life and most ancient epistemologies, and yet remains current, fluid and changeable down to the last drop. How could it know to take the shape of my ice trays, which were almost certainly not present at the emergence of water as a phenomenon?

An archetypal principle guides the movement of water, which encompasses but isn’t limited to statements like “takes the form of its container” and “flows to the lowest point.” Even as new, unexpected circumstances arise, water can always refer to first principles, and so make new and exciting things possible in an environment of necessity and innovation. Behold: rectangular ice cubes!

Principles can elegantly apply to many varied situations, and therefore offer flexible alternatives to policies, which prefer instead to arbitrate a prefab, one-size-fits-all response to diverse stimuli. How can we integrate plasticity into operations which have become standardized, in order to more effectively engage even those problems we haven’t noticed yet?


Personal Hardship Informs Fundamentals

Venus and Mars, who have been together in Capricorn since the beginning of February, both enter Aquarius on March 6th, where they perfectly conjoin at 0°. As this new, unprecedented future unfolds, how are personal struggles and motivations brought to bear on the larger narrative? Just how divergent are these supposed warring parties, when it comes to what really matters?

From this time through the rest of the month, Venus sits between Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, ultimately conjoining Saturn at 21° on March 28th. If Venus speaks to the pleasurable feelings and emotions associated with relationships to others, then Mars and Saturn speak to frustration, anxiety, and difficulty in attaining them. Deadlines bear down, stressors are numerous, and entertainment offers little relief. Management overdrive creates friction for everyone, and glee is in short supply during this period. 

In the meantime, what important challenges have been awaiting your presence in the ring? If it’s not yet time for spoils and leisure, we might as well get in there and get scrappy with the tough stuff. Personal hardship informs the first principles that guide our response-ability, for these experiences deepen our understanding of the difficulties others also face. It’s easier to be compassionate for those who are at rock bottom when we’ve felt it ourselves. Meeting difficulty directly also helps us understand our own personal duties in creating better lifeways for ourselves and the community of descendants for whom we generate the More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars in Aquarius are now right under Saturn’s nose and rulership, as well as making a tough square to Uranus (rather than last month’s easygoing trine). Bosses have become aware that unwatched corners promote slippery subversion, and so call intimate, personal affairs into court for a hearing. Heartstrings are stirred as spectacular examples of lawbreaking and   punishment are made, and each individual must reevaluate her own relationship to institutional authority. Dandelions who live in the cracks may ultimately prove unstoppable, but bureaucrats armed with weedwhackers and glyphosate sure aren’t going to make it easy. Venus in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus on March 19, and Mars follows a few days after on March 22.


With Poetry and Song, We Speak Our Hearts’ Truth

In times of pressure and difficulty, singing is good medicine. When Mercury enters Pisces on March 9th, the time comes to give voice to hearts who have been unduly plagued for too long, and through song we are uplifted. Burdens reduced and health improved; oh, to be ensconced in the joy of breathing together! On the Full Moon in Virgo on March 17th, emotional tides reach a peak, absolutely overflowing with feelings and creative ways to commune with them; what metaphors, melodies, and symbolic methods can you use to channel connection between this world and whatever else exists? Listen. Listen.

Mercury in Pisces with Jupiter and Neptune is far from comprehensible, of course. Wires get crossed easily, and indeed it is only in a synesthetic landscape that richer, more virulent coloration and ambrosial chimes become possible. A clean understanding is hard to come by under these skies, but rich sensation is in great supply, and to behold this kind of beauty is itself healing. What if healing were not treated as a point of arrival, but rather a process by which we digest and come together with our vulnerable, venerable, relatable selves?


I Am Somebody

March 20th, the Sun enters Aries, marking the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Exalted in this sign, the Sun describes a delightful individuality and excitable personality in this position. The Sun receives an encouraging sextile from his ruler Mars in Aquarius, and so manages to give a charming face to grumpy authorities. Star power goes a long way, especially when coupled with disciplined motivation; when managing an organization can start to feel more and more like an outsized game of whack-a-mole, a plucky leader to inspire and keep morale high is a valuable asset. With a good marketing campaign, character-driven idiosyncrasies can be worth a lot. Bring your A game, and grab some attention, and be ready to stunt on ‘em.

In general, attempts to push forward and achieve goals meet better success later in the month, with a strong Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Pisces out from under the beams. Rope-a-dope is a strategy to consider; endure, and save your best for after opponents have exhausted themselves.


Travel Like a King

This life, here on Earth, in the middle of the spheres of the planets, doesn’t owe you a sense of fairness. It’s hard. The trials are relentless. And yet, meaning somehow emerges from inside it, even through all the struggle, as if Truth was always just waiting to be remembered. Meaning is made wherever you are. Free your mind, and your ass will follow; the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

Save your strongest play  for March 30th  at 12:53PM (21 Cancer rising). Close the month powerfully, and your team won’t even remember a hard month prior.

Avoid beginning new projects on March 14th. You’re likely to be fiercely opposed in your endeavor, with little help on the horizon.

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