JUNE 2022


By ZamboniFunk

As a collective, we people are experiencing a major shift; for a year and a half now, we have been reckoning with significant changes wrought by the last gasps of dying institutional thinking. June 2022 invites a push forward, with the benefit of 18 months of obstacles encountered, mistakes learned from.

Gaining Clarity 

Much of May was centered around the misconceptions and misdirection, intentional and otherwise, described by Mercury retrograde first in Gemini and later in Taurus. Mercury stations direct on June 3rd at 26° Taurus, closely square Saturn and conjunct the North Node. A direct station speaks to getting back on track, but a square to Saturn in Aquarius indicates a long journey ahead yet. If normal is new, then there are going to be some hard, enduring truths about what that means for the basic, practical concerns of embodied living. What have we learned this past month about how to keep a handle on food, shelter, touch, and other basic necessities, even in the dynamic and confusing Era of Air? How does it look to move forward under these conditions, no longer hoping for a return to the glory days of the bygone Era of Earth? By now, we have had good time to sit with these questions, and the onus comes to do, but perhaps differently this time.

Mercury/Saturn isn’t particularly comfortable, but it is tremendously clever, with sharp wit. Can you get in on the joke?

Where Is That Delightful Aroma Coming From?

Venus enters Taurus on May 29th; this position is typically a comfortable home for Venusian affairs such as music, cuisine, and beauty rest, but throughout 2021 and 2022 this territory has become hotly contested, featuring unexpected jolts and starts from both Uranus and the North Node, even as an increasingly harried Saturn in Aquarius works overtime in an effort to wrangle them. Venus comes through this earth sign domicile once every 18 months or so; last time was January 2021.

Traditionally cause for celebration, Venus in Taurus certainly has a taste for all things delicious; and yet, with so much disruption across the landscape (Venus conjoins Uranus on June 11th, then the North Node on June 16th, and finally  squares Saturn on June 19th before entering Gemini on June 23rd), June becomes a time to dig deep and engage desires from their roots. If my go-to delights have become unavailable or disallowed, what can be done to satisfy the urge? What avenues are as yet untried? What alternatives might exist, and what innovative methods could be used to circumvent pesky authoritarian obstacles?

 As material conditions bend and flex in every direction, Venus in Taurus acts as a guide, pulling toward an honest bliss despite obstacles and disheartening tides. Your nose knows what your heart loves. How can you get closer to sweetness?

Turn On the Charm

Mercury gets back into Gemini again on June 14th, this time strong and direct, and Venus joins him on June 23rd. In lieu of the confusing mayhem of Mercury’s retrograde station six weeks prior, this arrangement offers persuasive panache, a silver tongue for those sagacious enough to take advantage. A strong Mercury is a good captain, and navigates adeptly even in times of tumult and chaos; and indeed, the best captain is the one who deftly cares for a dedicated team, smoothly charms deep-pocketed investors, and finds his ship welcome in foreign docks. A strong web of relations makes for satisfying exchange, and the cunning among us would do well to invest in such during the back half of June.

Mama Didn’t Raise No Pendeja 

The Month  ends with a New Moon in Cancer on June 27, a home sign for the Moon, typically encouraging renewal around lunar topics like nursery, nourishment, rest, and self-care. This time, however, the Moon receives a strong overcoming square from Jupiter and Mars in Aries; strongly driven and optimistically motivated, this configuration recognizes faults and flaws in the current care regime but, with eyes on the prize, is ready to grit and handle tough business in order to get there. Don’t let soft Moon words like “nurture,” “fat,” or “boob” fool you; Mama Bear has more than enough scrap in her to thrash all your little friends who seem to think that sleeping at night is a sign of weakness.

Both Moon and Mars are in their power in these signs, and each benefits greatly from Jupiter’s approval. Meanwhile, Mars also receives a helpful sextile from Saturn in Aquarius (exact on June 27th), another planet in domicile who offers endurance and ordered thinking to these affairs. This is a good sky under which to lean into one’s strengths, optimizing the attention and intention that goes into their cultivation; the truly daring will even take note of and responsibility for the role they play in their own suffering, optimizing achievement by uncoupling with vice. There is great potential for you yet, if you care to cultivate it.

Why Aren’t You Fighting Dirty?

June is far dryer and more intelligible than any skies we’ve yet seen in 2022. It’s time to put your thinking cap on and work smarter, not harder. What shrewd approaches have come out of the brainstorm and are now ready for their debut, such that you and yours might be fitter than ever in this newly arrived Future? 

Co-create something wonderful on June 21st  at 04:20AM (7 Gemini rising). Communicate with your team, and gather a coherent field for the future.

Avoid beginning new projects on June 4th. There are many obstacles on this day.

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