July 2022

By ZamboniFunk

July 2022 sees an escalation into increased activity; early summer has been fun, and social butterflies have likely flourished throughout June, but by mid July the block is getting hot and simmering conflicts are ready to emerge in spectacular form. The pull toward us vs. them is strong during this time, but the personally sovereign might instead seek an internal coherence that aligns authentically, regardless of the banner that flies overhead; the truly cunning fly each alternately, and sometimes quietly wonder what even am a flag. At the end of the day, what do YOU notice is really important, in your heart? 


B-E Aggressive

Early in the month, Mars moves from brash Aries into plodding, fixed Taurus. More than just a major dignity shift, wherein the God of War and Action comes to feel uncomfortable and impeded, this sign change represents a significant change in Mars's relationship to Saturn in Aquarius, back toward a resistance to authority. For a month and a half of Mars in Aries throughout May and June, passionate actors might have enjoyed a modicum of stability, even a kind of sympathy from figures of Power. But a truce doesn't last forever, and stubborn rebels are ready to agitate once more.


Listen to Your Body

Meanwhile, on the same day as Mars’s ingress into Taurus, Mercury enters Cancer. While not essentially dignified in this sign, Mercury (indeed, all planets in Cancer this month) benefit deliciously from an overcoming square from Jupiter in Aries, offering healing insight to those quiet enough to hear it. Mercury square Jupiter (July 9th) is followed by Mercury cazimi opposite Pluto in Capricorn (July 16th); emotional inspiration is sometimes wordless, ineffable, profound. 


Mercury in a water sign is said to be “mute,” which is classed as debility; but truly, what if we took a moment to hold our own tongues, in order to listen to someone else? Would this make anyone weaker? What if listening deeply was more valuable than speaking eloquently?


Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

The Full Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn reaches its peak on July 13th; Saturn rules every single planet in the sky, while also receiving a clever and helpful trine from Venus in Gemini. A cresting wave of trends which have been ongoing since 2019, the sky on this day clearly shows that manager/overseer/executive Saturn in Aquarius is ultimately running the show, overtly and covertly. The relationship between person and institution, as well as the network of relationships that persons form as a result of the architecture of institution, is up for open examination under the bright light of the Moon.


Everything in this sky comes back to Saturn. Some folks, like Mars and Uranus in Taurus (square), hate to be controlled by an oppressive system, and are likely to openly rebel, especially where the price of food and labor is involved. Some others, like the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn (averse), are acutely aware of the machinations of power which, ugly and terrible as they may be, must nevertheless be navigated in order to keep a roof overhead. Others still, like Venus in Gemini (trine), are likely to have caught on to the new rules of the game and will be happy to rub elbows with elites, chatting smartly and using all the proper terminology to get ahead in the Era of Air. All of these, whether making visible aspect or blindly averse, behave in response to Saturn’s authoritative ordination. The question is not if you play along, but rather, how.


You have to play the game; no two ways about it. But what if mandatory participation could somehow be advantageous? Can you spin a narrative in such a way that keeps you safe from harm while also promoting your heart’s joy? If you burned the whole damned city down, what’s the likelihood that you’ll burn with it? What if there are relationships, resources, and ideas that might be salvaged yet? 



Following the Full Moon and Mercury cazimi, planets begin to move from Cancer into Leo, beginning with Mercury on July 19th. In this sign the Great Communicator will find self-involved, bolstering inspiration from a trine to Jupiter on July 23rd, which may go on to generate conflict and disruption with a square to Mars and Uranus in Taurus (July 26th and 28th), followed by open confrontation with authorities under an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius (July 31st)


If early in the month Mercury in Cancer was “mute,” Mercury in Leo promises to turn the volume up to 11. There’s sass here, a willingness to talk shit and talk back, and laughter from the gallery only strengthens a quippy take; the charismatic jester makes good headway under these skies, and rulemakers are duly irritated.


The Sun follows quickly behind Mercury, entering Leo on July 22. Naturally performative and self-assured, the Sun in domicile is most comfortable when receiving adoration, or at least publicity. In 2022, the latter is more likely while the Sun contends with raucous and disruptive aspects to Uranus and Saturn. These peak in August, but throughout this solar month famous faces are sure to struggle with and against Codes of Conduct. 


Saturn has expanded regulatory oversight wildly in the past few years, in an effort to bind the collective with universal law; but a collective of such magnitude leaves a wide gap between citizen and Nation, and populist leaders who feel relatable at a character level can gain a lot of ground, much to the chagrin of institutional actors who prefer to manage compliance. On the whole, Saturn doesn't lose these conflicts, and clever managers will learn from those skirmishes that do damage to the Machine. But still, monkey wrench jokesters and insurgents take enough heart during this period to learn to corrupt regulated order from inside the many niches and cracks that go neglected at the level of big box management.


A New Moon in Leo on July 28th underscores all these themes, and begins a medium term cycle worth watching. Uppity underdogs are in for a fight, but they believe in themselves, and that belief is contagious. Sometimes it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.


You Do You, I’ma Do Me

Personal sovereignty in 2022 requires no small bit of cunning and innovation, with basic bodily concerns taking center stage as both mechanism of control and resistance to the same; how has your own personal relationship to power, authority, and control changed since the Great Conjunction of 2020, and how can you most appropriately orient around that? Just how entitled is the State to a record of my corporeal pleasure?


Partner up with your faves on July 18th  at 11:25AM (0 Libra rising). This is the stuff power couples are made of.

Avoid beginning new projects on July 14th. There are many discomforts to be had on this day.

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