How are we to be vulnerable, to trust, to show our true faces, in a legitimately dangerous world? What is courage, when hearts stand in peril?

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: Fraught, Messy, and Meaningful

Venus rx in Capricorn through January 29th, is in  many ways the main event of the month. Largely speaking to major review of that which is considered valuable, most of January’s configurations come back to this exploration of the Deep, on both a personal and a collective level. As matters of the heart come to the forefront, the desire to relate to others, along with the fear and consternation that inevitably comes with the same, guides the potentially wild thoughts, emotions, and actions that characterize this period. We each desire to be truly, completely seen; and yet, a great danger exists in exposing our soft spots as openly as our callouses. How do we handle our fear? Where (when) did the now customary isolation and distrust of the other emerge from, and what kind of courage would it take to dance with that devil?

New Moon in Capricorn: Collective Scrutiny of Power Relations

Under a New Moon in Capricorn on January 2nd, new beginnings are fittingly indicated at the start of both month and year, but they are necessarily steeped in hard review of  systems of power, control, finance, and the deep, soul-level desires underpinning those fields. Perhaps initiation is a better word for this moment. 

This New Moon’s proximity to Venus rx suggests a strongly  inquisitive focus for the month, a kind of discontent at leaving well enough alone; where is power housed, who keeps it, and how is it wielded? How am I implicated along these tensions?  A trine to Uranus in Taurus promises surprising and initially exciting findings, but Saturn, who rules this Moon, continues to feel such a Uranian twist as a thorn in the side of systemic efficiency. 

Perhaps there is yet some utility in puppet strings which remain invisible. Venus/Pluto is as happy to bury treasure as to discover it, and hidden reserves are easier to maintain.

Still, Mars in Sagittarius, making a close sextile to Saturn that day, offers both an action plan and the drive to make moves on it; secret-bearing authorities would do well to eschew complacency and stay active in an effort to keep a couple steps ahead of those they would govern, but trust grows weary under abusive pressure. 

For the personally sovereign, an honest review of the flow of power, resources, and influence, while potentially uncomfortable, ultimately builds a sturdier framework upon which to build a Future. If an eye on the Prize keeps the main thing the main thing, it behooves to  at least be sure the Prize is actually valuable.


Mercury Rx in Aquarius and Capricorn: Ideals Under Review

Venus is not the only new year retrograde worth watching. Mercury stations retrograde at 10° Aquarius on 1/13, almost conjoining Saturn at 13°, indicating that a thorough interrogation is in order; those same systems whose operation encourage a distrustful daily normalcy come under review at this time, especially as missteps make incongruencies all the more obvious. Mercury retrograde is often associated with miscommunication, resource mismanagement, and misunderstanding; errors abound during this period, but so too do opportunities to revise and improve the design. Mercury’s station degree is also precisely square to Uranus at 11° Taurus, suggesting tech difficulties; save early and often, and keep a backup wherever possible. A diverse network is always more dependable than a single channel.

Mercury Rx conjoins the Sun at 3° Aquarius on 1/23, refocusing ideals and core principles in response to living in the Future. Saturn and Jupiter conjoined here just one year ago in December 2020, formally initiating a new 200-year era: The Information Age. Here, Data replaces coal as the primary generator and conduit of Power. The pen is indeed mighty during this historical epoch, and the wise continuously remember their first principles while navigating whatever unstable terrain is to come. Can you articulate what kind of Future  you aim to create for the descendants?


Full Moon in Cancer: Living Under the Shadow of  Ancestors

Venus rx’s 40-day intensive reconsideration of value principles prompts intimate introspection around body, mind, safety, and nourishment. As growing  tides come to crest, intimate skirmishes may erupt, likely displaying undertones hailing from a deeper place than whatever superficial triggers prompted them.  The Full Moon reaches peak brightness on 1/17, precisely opposite to Pluto in Capricorn (which the Sun conjoins). Beyond only me, what relationships do (we) continue to have with those who have gone beyond, as well as those yet to come? What legacies of safety and violation do we inherit and/or pass on? When we come to be appropriately situated in the wider procession of ancestors to descendants, responsibilities and supports which could otherwise go unnoticed instead become fixtures, rooting individuals to lineages, ecosystems, and beyond. Your intentions for and attention to the web of Relations support many, even some who may exist outside your field of vision.


Sun into Aquarius: Setting the Standard

The Sun enters Aquarius on 1/19, reentering a hard aspect relationship with Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is present in and rules this sign of the Sun’s exile, and is therefore in position to allow logistical obstacles to weigh heavy on the mind throughout this solar month. This is a month for the Ant, not the Grasshopper; and yet, the Sun’s glory still visibly outshines Saturn’s dimness, suggesting that these two, Sovereign and Manager, probably prefer to hash out some kind of agreement in order to put ideals into accordance with means. Routines, systems, and habits ultimately serve a guiding purpose; are yours on the level? In what ways can better habits serve your goals, even goals such as fun, rest, and  enjoyment? Clear parameters help teams and individuals to thrive. 

Nevertheless, the Sun’s square to Uranus in Taurus on 1/30 continues to disrupt predictable norms, insisting on innovative strategies or bust. When the playing field is constantly changing underfoot, goalposts move by very definition. Are you sure you still want what you want? I see your parameters and I raise you  chaos. Your move.


Onward: The Return of Capricorn

Mars enters Capricorn on 1/25, Mercury retrogrades back there a day later, Venus stations direct at 11° Capricorn on 1/28 (trine Uranus), and Mercury conjoins Pluto at 26° Capricorn on 1/29. It’s a busy week, especially for Capricorn placements; themes which have become all-important since January 2020, when Saturn and Pluto conjoined at 22°, are likely to be loud. Power dynamics, control systems, and ancient fantasies of the (un)dead have been under review all month and remain on center stage throughout February, pivoting now to begin moving toward goals in response to January’s investigative findings. Ready to live in a more beautiful world?  Great. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Stay with the Trouble
Honest appraisal of one’s trauma and guilt is messy business. Could there possibly be room within the hearts of the righteous for both responsibility for wrongdoing and compassionate regard for those involved? With respect to times we’ve been wronged, how can we foster compassion?  With respect to times we’ve been wrong, how can we foster compassion?

Commit your attention to something difficult on January 28th at 08:29AM. A meditative, calm, hopeful mindset accomplishes much, and opens desirable roads to progress.

Avoid beginning new projects on January 17th. There is much commotion in the sky, and it is sometimes best to let the storm blow over before trying to move camp.


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