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Broad strokes: Saturn loses Jupiter, Uranus gains him

Like 2021, much of 2022 centers on the continuing drama of Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. February 2022 is a remarkable chapter in this ongoing epic; divergent narratives gain some traction, but out of sight, quietly. Subtle shifts in the relational field make more dramatic changes than any public policy.

Jupiter has long departed Aquarius by now, and has had some time to get comfortable at home in Pisces. In this transition, Saturn in Aquarius loses the easy affirmation that Jupiter likes to provide, but he might not have immediately noticed it. Law and Order have proceeded more or less without significant challenge for a couple years now, and Authorities have likely gotten a little comfortable at the top of the mountain. However, Jupiter’s new position in Pisces is obscure and entirely unhelpful to Saturn’s efforts to maintain orderly operations; rather, Pisces makes a nourishing, complementary sextile to Uranus in Taurus. Where Officials have become complacent, confounding forces find fertile conditions and take root, perhaps a little more substantially than iron-fisted commanders might have bargained for.

Uranian tricks are similarly assisted by trines from planets in Capricorn, who also benefit from a generous sextile from  Jupiter in Pisces. Venus and Mars spend the whole of the month together in Capricorn, conjunct within a degree of each other throughout the entire latter half of that sign. Under this sky, personal stakes are high, and these may drive passions and inspire decisive action better than faceless rules and procedures. How it feels matters more than how it looks on paper. As wily Uranus disrupts the bland order set forth by Saturnian officials, personal planets in Capricorn (ostensibly ruled by Saturn) are likely to shrug. “Sounds like the boss’s problem, not mine.”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Jupiter in Pisces encourages Uranus, Venus, and Mars to dream a better lifeway, allowing forbidden and fanciful imaginations to enter lockdowns that can’t keep them out. The problems of the moment are not immediately solved by this influence, but then maybe always solving isn’t the best course to follow anymore. Maybe we could try being.

Planting a Seed in the Cracks

The New Moon in Aquarius takes place on 2/1, followed by a Full Moon in Leo on 2/16. This moon cycle centers the Saturn/Uranus drama, with authorities doing what they can to create order in an increasingly chaotic world. Although they still loudly proclaim lawful piety, Saturn’s administrators begin to miss Jupiter’s consistent confirmation; while Saturn is strong and  perfectly capable at home in Aquarius, creating longstanding order from unending chaos is a bureaucratic nightmare, and unmonitored details begin to pile up in unexpected quarters. As long as the cameras are turned on, business proceeds as usual; managers work especially hard, and appearances are kept up. “What crisis? I assure you, it’s nothing we can’t handle with a few more rules.”

Meanwhile, rebellious actors acquire much support from friendly forces just outside the view of the rulemakers. Those who would subsist outside of the frameworks that Bosses insist on would do well to quietly nourish their communities, as friends in a garden. All these sunny yellow dandelion flowers get so much joyous life out of cracks in the pavement, and who could stop them?

What they don’t know won’t hurt em

Mercury stations direct at 24 Capricorn on Feb 3, conjunct Pluto and sextile Neptune in Pisces. Through trial and error, under relentless engagement with the consequences foisted upon us by our lineages and ourselves, we have felt, endured, and learned much. Still, although January’s retrograde journey through the Deep has been profoundly revealing, there’s no rush to make a public declaration. No need to show your whole hand just yet. The strongest powers often remain occluded, and are happy to let you think that your prevailing ideas are your own. Clever hands obscure their moves under skies like these, and trails may be brushed behind treaders.


Through all the mistakes and reevaluation described by inner planet retrogrades, January has provided us with an important opportunity to get clear on ideals. Having established some guiding principles, the Sun’s conjunction to Saturn at 16° Aquarius on 2/4 offers a chance to reorient basic everyday habits toward alignment with them. Let’s think long-term. Let us not only envision a future world that we would like our children’s grandchildren to play in, but go on and make actual steps toward that dream. A better world requires inspired vision, but perhaps not so much as diligent, persevering action. We make that world by living in it daily.

Even as outdated lifeways decay, new growth comes in to replace it, simultaneously together; we never start fresh, we only start from here. One step at a time. What consequent rewards (or penalties) do we set up with the regular habits and routines of everyday life?

The more deeply you get lost…

The interesting dramas of February take place off the beaten path; officials often lack the imagination it takes to feel and experience the richness inherent to imprecise sensory experience, and so leave much real, experiential territory to those willing to venture outside dialectical bounds. The smell of the thing defies polite categorization. But is it not real nonetheless, perhaps somehow more real than whatever fits on the customs declaration form? Even as Authorities have their hands full just maintaining the Official Story throughout this lunar cycle, much life goes on thriving in another way, right alongside, as if belonging to an entirely different reality. It seems that this historic chaos is not without opportunity for the unruly psychonaut.

Breathe in and be inspired on February 2nd at 08:12 AM. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Avoid beginning new projects on February 15th. There are more obstacles than treasures along these paths.

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