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Sometimes, it behooves us to expect a bumpy ride. Rather than assuming stability, how can we take measures to prepare for irregular dynamism? The installation of shock absorbers,  keeping supple knees, stretching, and working with shorter planning cycles are all methods of managing unexpected events, for achieving aims alongside jolts and whizbangs; could it be that this generation’s greatest successes are attained not in spite of shocks, but together with them, generating synergy from disruption? 

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: An Audit of Control
Venus remains in Capricorn all month long, the whole time within 3 degrees of conjunction to Pluto. Venus stations retrograde at 26 Capricorn on 12/19, initiating an intense period of revaluation of property, power, and hard labor. Although Venus is ruled by a firm Saturn in Aquarius, Aquarius makes no aspect to Capricorn, so Saturn can’t see what goes on where Venus is: management overlooks much of what actually takes place on the ground in the workplace, and everyday people are encouraged to question the power plays that have operated throughout these past 13 years, since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. Terms like ‘plutocracy’ resonate more and more every day, but do they have to? How sustainable is that model, really?

Venus’ transit through Capricorn makes a pleasing, helpful trine to Taurus, a sign which she also rules. Uranus’ presence in this otherwise stable area of sky since 2018 has described wild fluctuations in the price of commodities and currency, as well as revision around the nature of value in the first place. Venus retrograde in Capricorn, which promises to reevaluate the mechanisms of control which underpin the core nature of our society, nourishes Uranus’ recalcitrant plight. Authorities who depend on predictable measures of value find the reins to be slippery during this time, and although resistance efforts remain largely hushed, Venus’ copresence with Mercury in Capricorn suggests that word somehow gets around anyway.  Rebels who, using the same technology that bosses use to surveil, learn to more effectively value their productivity as their own and exchange it on their own terms, may also more effectively leverage against executives who have claimed ownership by virtues other than original creation. 

Saturn Square Uranus: Where Did that Wrench in the Gears Come From?
Saturn has been in a dominant position for years now; at home and comfortable in both Capricorn (2018-2020) and Aquarius (2020-2023), things which are the purview of Saturn, such as rules, laws, management, institutions, boundaries,and isolation, have prospered as if unchecked. Jupiter’s presence alongside Saturn for two straight years has effectively given Saturn the Midas Touch, granting success and expansion to Saturnian endeavors; control systems have been efficiently managed under these auspices, and major institutions have grown to be even more dominant. However, December sees Saturn losing grip as conditions become more and more wily; the tight grasp under which populations have been held begins to falter under unexpected developments, and these tectonic shifts meaningfully rearrange the playing field. Saturn squares Uranus a third and final time on 12/24

Jupiter into Pisces: Imaginative Discourse Made Tangible
Jupiter departs Aquarius for his own home turf Pisces this month, and from that time Saturn will have to maintain order without the easy affirmation that Jupiter likes to provide. Jupiter enters Pisces on December 29th. At home in this position, Jupiter, whose job it is to say yes to things, to approve, to confirm, is poised to offer support and imagination to quibbling rabble-rousers, and to provide growth to experimental value sets; however, these effects are not likely to be felt until 2022. This December, Jupiter in Aquarius continues to serve as Saturn’s yes-man, softening the systemic disruptions described by uproarious squares from Mars and Uranus these past two months. Although Saturn is plenty capable in Aquarius all alone, Jupiter’s absence will be felt from the bureaucratic standpoint, at very least, and efficiency is likely to suffer; as such, December is a good time to make the systems improvements that are necessary for living with surprising stores of value in future timelines. Uranian surprises all month are good intel on which systems need upgrades, and renovating while Jupiter remains with Saturn bodes well for their survival in the new year.

Scenario Planning
Effectively engaging December’s skies requires forthright assessment of one’s own Saturnian virtue. In a time when it’s trendy to seem downtrodden and/or revolutionary, many might fancy themselves rebels while actually performing the ordering work of Saturn. Consider: in what ways am I telling others what to do, or what the rules are? In what aspects of my life am I the manager? When am I in charge of the team? Dishonest assessment leaves the door open for jarring disquiet from those we order, and makes for a difficult go of things. 

By contrast, embodiment of Uranian principles like experimentation and transgression lends itself to unlikely success; the margins offer a kind of freedom which, while unrecognized by the State, serves a great potency, urgently needed in desperate times. Flexibility of mind and body achieves goals which remain out of reach of conventional mores. Which of your thoughts are unthinkable? If you allowed their occurrence, what would become possible?

Review your regular publications and habitual routines on December 13th at 07:43AM. Does it feel meaningful? If not, can you put it down?

Avoid beginning new projects
on December 7th. Keep your head down and maintain what’s already in motion.

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