Astrology Forecast
August 2021

By ZamboniFunk

This month offers no shortage of problems to solve, with angry confusion welling up mid month after a potential clash with authorities early on. And yet, as the month progresses, solutions may present themselves to those who tend their duties and remain accountable under fire; diplomacy and social grace goes a long way when disagreeable arguments abound.

August begins with a major clash between the Personal Sovereign and the Systems Manager; the Sun in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius on August 2, each in their own signs and empowered to enact their own significations, each finding fault with the other. The Sun in Leo emphasizes a strong sense of self, an individual character which outshines prefab, assumptive modes of being; the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and a Leo Sun is happy to be as bright and loud as necessary, in order to accomplish personal goals. Saturn, on the other hand, prefers a whole systems approach, optimizing efficiency on the level of the collective; the nail that sticks out gets hammered, and Saturn in Aquarius can be unfeeling in its desire to generate smooth productivity in a technocratic future. This dynamic hearkens back to July, when we had Mars and Venus in Leo making the same opposition, blatantly defying authority and daring to ask, “what about me?” Will you be willing to take the blunt force of the hammer, in order to make a way for your unique character? How is your particular contribution useful to the community, and how can we navigate such a dynamic when it is so fraught with friction? 

The New Moon in Leo on August 8th underscores this dynamic, while calling for innovative ways to think with this problem. A square to Uranus in Taurus is disruptive, but also ingenious; what if we could think beyond “me vs. we?” Could we be asking the wrong questions in relation to personal sovereignty and community responsibility? What if our response to the problem is part of the problem? Plant a seed on this day, and trust that the heart knows the way, even if the mind feels confused.

Mercury enters a home sign of Virgo on August 12th; in most years this is a cause for excitement, empowering organizational skills and generating clarity of mind. However, this year Mercury will share Virgo with Mars, the planet of rough-and-tumble action. Angry or terse communications are likely throughout this time period, with a peak on August 19th when they conjoin exactly at 19 degrees of Virgo; furthermore, this conjunction is closely opposite to Neptune in Pisces, offering not only anger but confusion as well. The organizational piece of things is likely to present problems during this period, and you could find yourself on a goose chase, working hard to accomplish little. Anger management is a worthwhile skill to revisit this month, as well as patience before accusation; it will be easy to accuse the wrong person under this sky.

The good news is, Venus enters a home sign of Libra on August 16th. Perfect for charming authorities, this placement offers good luck and diplomacy for a little over three weeks. Difficult dramas have a hard time keeping beauty out of a strong vitality, and can even offer support when thinking with network and community. What did you learn during the opposition, when the angle described conflict? How can we work toward togetherness, now that we have a better idea of what motivates the “other,” a supposed enemy? 

Throughout this period of Venus in Libra, a good time to begin things will be in the mid morning, with Libra rising. August 17th offers a particularly good opportunity for invoking glamour and charm in your own life, business, or personal endeavors.

The second Full Moon in Aquarius of 2021 occurs on August 22nd. Although still in a Saturn-ruled sign, this time around we can see a focus on Jupiter, the planet of beneficence and abundant opportunity. A great healing wants to take place here, but not without invoking a good deal of personal responsibility. Indeed, who could be in charge of your own healing, if not you yourself? Who cares more about your ailment when you leave your appointment, you or the doctor?

The drama in Leo/Aquarius points to a problem. Mars/Mercury in Virgo lights a fire under that ass to get yourself in order, solving problems in the organizational system, encouraging a change in how we think around it. There never was a more pertinent time to take responsibility for your own life, including problems for which you personally are not to blame, in order to drive your own self toward successful healing. Which would be a better life: easy or interesting?

A day to avoid launching major projects: August 2

A moment to shoot for: August 17 at 09:14, with 0 Libra rising. (Don’t forget to adjust the time to your location!)

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