APRIL 2022

By ZamboniFunk


April is of two minds. Both distaste and delicious are served up in equal measure this month, at times simultaneously; pick your pleasure and enjoy the ride.

The Hustle Continues

What has Saturn, the manager, the organizer,the Ordering Principle, been trying to build since the great conjunction of 2020? Geopolitically as well as personally, where have institutions, systems, and routine found purchase? Recall, furthermore: these same habit formations which build the Future our descendants will go on to inherit have throughout this period seen intense disruption by upsets in the measure of what is valuable/desirable, as described by Saturn’s square to Uranus in Taurus. Moving goalposts have made it difficult to organize a workable strategy.

As we move into April, it’s go time. Saturn fancies himself the Boss, and has had it with the bullshit. The Management is ready to go all in, pushing for institutional ideals with rare excitement and tenacity. Mars alongside Saturn in Aquarius is long-burning, and the Warrior God has much continuous ire to offer the Grumpy Superintendent. We tried it the nice way with Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021, but fuck all that noise now: I guess we’ll do it the hard way then. Mars conjoins Saturn exactly on April 5th, but this influence is strong until Mars enters Pisces on April 15th.

Under that malefic signature, the personally sovereign would do well to interrogate their own weaknesses and step up to glaring responsibilities and ugly truths. Clear boundaries are invaluable, and their defense is paramount. What constitutes an appropriate boundary during times of flux and shifting terrain? What has not changed?

The month begins with a New Moon in Mars-ruled Aries on April 1st. As always with a New Moon, here begins a new yearlong cycle through to next Aries season. This is a long time to be with this gas-and-brakes-together energy, so throughout 2022 and into 2023 it’s not a bad idea to aggressively schedule some rest. Also be sure to actually rest during the time you blocked off, hm?

The same day as that New Moon, Mercury is present in the heart of the Sun in Aries, cazimi; a clear Mars in Aquarius message comes through, and it’s likely to feel affronting; the burden feels heavier and more urgent all the time, doesn’t it?


Surrealism Cures Captivity 

The tides begin to shift miraculously when–hallelujah!–Venus ingresses into Pisces on April 5th. Venus speaks to personal emotional experience, as well as the joy of being in a deliciously complex and brilliant body and mind. She delightfully enjoys the deep sensory seascape of Pisces, and to drink of its depth is surely to enjoy the rapture of the thirsty encountering fresh, sweet water. Venus has been in rough shape for half a year, but here we suddenly come to a kind of orgasmic bliss, where she enjoys a warm and inviting copresence with her beneficent ruler, Jupiter.

Mars and Saturn may continue to rage, and war hangs heavy on the world. And yet, do not the chickadees still rejoice at sunrise? Music is analgesic as ever, and personal connections feel even more splendid in relief against a warring backdrop. 

A word of caution for navigating these skies; it’s easy to delude oneself, taking refuge in ephemeral pleasures which don’t address the problems of the day. Jupiter, ruling Pisces, is closely conjunct the boundless and confusing Neptune all month, offering a perhaps inflated view of optimistic possibilities with a side of brilliant technicolor confusion. Fun, certainly. Maybe also impractical. It is quite agreeable to taste the rainbow, but could be inadvisable to live there. 

Still, the respite is more than welcome. There are some truly prime moments under this configuration which speak to nourishment, connection, and glee. Shrewd navigators get a head start, early in the day, and embrace the afternoon and evening for less demanding, more creative pursuits.

An Economy of Cleverness

Mercury enters Taurus on April 11th. Although without particular strength in this position, Mercury does just fine here, and benefits from a positively sublime sextile to Venus in Pisces (exact on April 17th, the same day Mercury also conjoins Uranus). This configuration favors a resourceful exchange value; money is cool, sure, and sleuthing treasure hunters will undoubtedly make some good finds during this time, but what ways are there to trade value when the dollars and cents don’t measure up? A gift economy is but one alternative; how many others could there be? What even passes as valuable in the More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, and how can we start living with that right now, today?

As with all new innovations, Mercury will not proceed without checks from the Established Order. A square from Saturn in Aquarius, perfect on 4/23, speaks to institutional attempts to corral squirrely thoughtforms. Mercury’s conjunction to the North Node that same day speaks to an ongoing difficulty for Saturn, a destabilizing influence that is likely to turn up again and again as we move into eclipse season. Ready or not, shocks and starts propel us into the Future.

The Seed of Indulgence

The final day of April sees the beginning of a series of eclipses, and the first of these is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th. Except for being an eclipse, this Moon looks lovely, receiving a beautiful sextile from her ruler Venus (who is conjunct Jupiter, in the degree of exaltation). Sweet, nourishing, and delicious, this lunation wants to support the freak flag that Uranus has been flying in that sign since 2018. 

And yet, an eclipse is still an eclipse, and it always behooves to beware the North Node. It’s easy to go too far in the wrong direction under this influence, which is confusing and potentially greedy. It’s time to make some changes in this area of your life (as described by the house position in your own natal chart), and there may be a temptation to turn things up to 11 if you've found one thing that feels good. Whatever it takes to disrupt The System I guess, right?

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

There is amazing opportunity for growth and change embedded within the deeper conflicts that define our time. How will we know what bears the weight of confrontation, if we don’t first taste the pleasure of dancing in step together? If how you play is what you win, then your victory resides in the celebration of beautiful, radiant Life. Drink up.

Take a play date on April 15th  at 11:11AM (12 Cancer rising). Teamwork makes the dream work.

Avoid beginning new projects on April 1oth. You’re likely to be fiercely opposed in your endeavor, with little help on the horizon.



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