Our new Botanica opened on April 2, 2019! We had a great experience in our pop up storefront last year and were thrilled when Urban Asanas Wellness & Yoga Studio offered us a space to move into. We're only 2 blocks away from our old spot!

In our new Botanica, we are offering a more curated experience focusing on traditional plant medicine, ritual tools, an herbal apothecary & a few exclusive items that only UA carries. In this new shop, I am also offering one on one healing sessions where I use a mixture of Reiki, sound healing, plant cleansing & crystal therapy to realign,  rejuvenate & ground clients. I am booking sessions for Plant Medicine Consultations- where I can create a unique, personal remedy that's made specifically for you after an energy scan & conversation. My goal with making personalized remedies is to help each individual heal not only on a physical level but also in harmony with your spiritual/ higher self. 

843 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

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