Cannabis & Spirituality Feat. Emilia Ortiz & Lynsey Ayala

During this workshop Emilia & Lynsey discuss the spiritual & physical benefits of Cannabis & a catalog of other curated smokable herbs. You will also learn about the history of cannabis, the difference in Sativa vs Indica & CBD, as well as ritual work using cannabis. Each workshop is followed up with a worksheet & small glossary of sacred herbs.

Empaths & Cord Cutting feat. Emilia Ortiz & Lynsey Ayala

This workshop, lead by Emilia Ortiz (@ethreal.1) & Lynsey Ayala (@breadxbutta) was recorded during their live class on 4/28/19. 
The workshop breaks down what it means to be an Empath, how to protect & cleanse your aura as well as cut cords & release energetic baggage. Tips are included on how to feel grounded during moments of anxiety, how to identify when you are energetically depleted, how to "refill" your energetic cup & join us at the end of the class for a cord cutting meditation.