October 28th, 2021


Hellooo Email Fam! Happy Scorpio Szn ~


If these past two years of living through a pandemiii have taught us anything, it’s taught us that the only constant in life...is change. In that same respect, this Scorpio season is bringing more of that energy. Transformative shifts are in the mix from Oct 23rd- Nov 21st. As leaves fall and Mama Earth goes into rest mode for the next few months….we are in a sense, mirroring the same shifts. Scorpio energy reminds us that in order for us to transform and transcend, we've gotta do some shedding and releasing ourselves. Just as destruction leads to creation, we have to be willing to make peace with what needs to be released so we can forgive those shadows and move on. Clearing these old attachments can help us to nurture and ground into regenerating new, intentional forms in this next cycle. 

In my belief system, Scorpio is associated with the Orisha, Oya. She is the ruler of the eighth house (The 8th House in astrology rules birth, death, sex, transformation, mystery, and money.)

Oya is the Orisha of the winds and storms. She is a powerful force in nature that can change the face of Earth. She embodies tornadoes and twisters that uproot trees and houses with her destructive winds. This powerful Orisha is also responsible for helping to carry spirits of the newly departed into the spirit realm. Side note-- last year, 2020, that wild ass 365 days was ruled by Oya. Mhmmm….. 

Scorpios are unafraid to go where most folks are willing to...they go deep into the subconscious and waters of the unknown. They can move between realms and are usually natural healers, counselors, and shamans, carrying messages from the other side for us all to hear. 

There is no coincidence that the veil in between realms is so thin during this season. This is high time for ancestral work, dreamwork, and deep manifestation work.


Scorpio season also marks the beginning of eclipse season, with the first being a lunar eclipse happening on the full moon in Taurus, 11/19. What even IS a lunar eclipse, you ask? A Lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the Earth's shadow. This can only happen when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly aligned with Earth between the other two and- only on the night of a full moon. 

Something VERY interesting to note-- The eclipses happening over the next 2 years will be on the Taurus- Scorpio axis. Taurus is a reliable earth sign and Scorpio is a passionate water sign. These eclipses will push us to put in the work to make our dreams come true and understand which relationships are worth our time and energy & which ones gotta gooo. An eclipse helps to illuminate our karmic path- it opens new doors by sometimes slamming others shut. There may be some abrupt changes and shifts occurring but….be thankful that the universe cares enough to help you see so that you may pivot. 


(* Taking a deeeep breath*) So liiike, issa lot y’all. But do not fret- your BxB peeps are here to help you ground and offer some supportive tools! We’re all traversing these crazy waters together, trust.

Let's start off with a few herbal supplements to help us breathe and flow --

During any shedding season and transformation period, it can be emotionally taxing- things are changing, we are grieving the shifts, striving to feel mentally clear and also be present & grounded. Our body keeps score of these feelings and these particular feelings can show up in our liver and our gut. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) The Liver rules Digestion and the processing of nutrients. It is also the place in our bodies where anger, depression, grief, and the below physical symptoms are held:

  • Emotions: Anger, resentment, frustration, irritability, bitterness, and being “hot-headed”
  • Liver function: Involved in the smooth flow of energy and blood throughout the body; regulates bile secretion and stores blood; is connected with the tendons, nails, and eyes
  • Symptoms of liver imbalance: Menstrual pain, headache, irritability, inappropriate anger, dizziness, dry, red eyes, and other eye conditions, and tendonitis
  • Liver conditions: Liver qi stagnation, liver fire

To help quell these ‘motions we’ve created a small batch Gut & Liver Tincture to help feed a healthy gut flora & gently detox the liver. Relieve internal heat, soothe feelings of anger and resentment. Allowing us to flow in waves of change.  Find it here

During this watery Scorpio season, I like to tend to the waters of my body- making sure that I am well hydrated and vibrationally sound. I do this by drinking hella water, adding flower essences to my water for vibrational support, taking long baths, and doing spiritual baños. (Information on spiritual baños coming for the full moon post! Stay tuned) Here are a few herbs I am keeping close right now: 

Yarrow: Yarrow is the ultimate warrior and protective herb. Named after Achilles, yarrow energetically brings strength and protection helping to bolster your energetic and emotional boundaries.  I love using Yarrow flower essences on the daily. My sensitive Piscean ass can always use the emotional support and protection. My favorite sustainable flower essences can be found here at FESFlowers

Shatavari: Increases libido and sacral energy. It helps to build our immune system, calms the nervous system, soothes anger & irritability. It grounds us into our creative space and allows for a deep feeling of groundedness & nourishment. Shavarti is a main ingredient in our Vitality / Kundalini Tincture. Which was created to benefit the Awakening of our Sacral Energy, Passion, Increasing Libido, Creative Energy, and Transformation. You can find it here 

Blue Lotus: Blue Lotus Flower- Blue lotus flower is a mildly psychoactive plant, also known as blue Egyptian lotus, blue water lily, and sacred blue lily. It’s been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac, sleep aid, and anxiety reliever. It is a wonderful plant to help open up the third eye & crown chakra- helping to connect us to our psychic abilities and see beyond this physical plane. This is a great herb to use during this time while the veil is thin and other realms can be connected with. Try using this as a tea before bed to help with dreaming and contacting ancestors. Find it here in our Apothecary

Rosemary: Rosemary is associated with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, associated with love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and procreation, which correlates with some of Rosemary’s energetic properties. Rosemary has also been used as a symbol of remembrance for those past and is oftentimes used as a spiritual cleansing, clearing, and protective herb. A rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which are thought to help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation. Rosemary is considered a cognitive stimulant and can help improve memory performance and quality. It is also known to boost alertness, intelligence, and focus.  Rosemary was burned to purify a room or ritual space before performing magic. Rosemary put into a bath or tea can help with removing anxiety and invigorating and cleansing the spirit. Find the loose herbs here in our Apothecary and also in bundle form for burning and clearing. 


On November 4th we are experiencing the New Moon! New Moons are about going inwards and manifesting-- Scorpio energy as we now know is hella reflective. We may find ourselves delving into the darker corners of our hearts and minds. Unpacking some of the denser emotions that we have been holding on to. During the new moon, my personal rituals often surround journaling and tapping into my subconscious through free form, channeled writing. My mentor and I have been moving through this work also & journaling has truly been an AMAZING tool for me to really tap in and allow what needs to come up, to come up. 

Here are a few suggested journal prompts for the new moon:

  1. What emotions tend to bring the worst out in you? Why do you think that is?
  2. When have you been self-sabotaging or destructive in your life? Think about how you were feeling at that moment and remember what triggered that behavior. 
  3. Think about your friendships. Which ones make you feel safe, secure, and loved? Do you have any that make you feel isolated or outside of yourself? 
  4. Which relationships in your life no longer serve you? Be honest & ruthless-- Aint no one seeing this but you!!! Which relationships feel obligatory or dutiful? Consider how you’d feel if you allowed those relationships to dissolve….then think about whether they are worth trying to salvage. How would you do that? Perhaps write them a letter. 

The Scorpio New Moon represents transformation and can be a catalyst if you are in any in-between phases in your life. You may find that practicing this free-form writing will help to reveal the next step of your process. If you are in a stuck and stagnant place, you can call on the energies of this New Moon to help create a shift in your life and the energy of the written word to truly see what comes up. This New Moon journaling practice is geared to assist inspiring change, so think about what needs to transform in your life rn and then go about setting your intentions. Work with the energies of this New Moon by knowing that it can help instigate shift and change if that is what you are looking for.

I am sending you all SO MUCH LOVE and wishing you a positive shedding season <3 Check out our Botanica for more supportive herbs and products to help us traverse these watery transitions. 

Moving through difficult transitions? Check out our Aciete de Culebra Oil: Aceite de Culebra is a spiritual oil used to evoke the energy of the Serpent. This oil can be used in moments of transition, shedding, and rebirth. Use this oil to call in creative energy and sacred Kundalini Energy.  Apply on your body or use in a diffuser. I often apply the oil to my hands, rubbing them together to create some Qi, and then take a few deep breaths with my hands up to my face, inhaling the earthy scents of the oil and taking a moment to slow down my nervous system, grounding and coming back to myself. 

Wanting to connect to your higher self, to source, and to your ancestors through the dream realm? Try our Lotus Flower capsules. Lotus Flower Capsules were created to assist in easing stress and anxiety. They help with opening up our crown and third eye chakras, promoting clarity and connection to our higher selves with the help of Blue Lotus Flower, Mugwort & Golden Teacher Mushroom. This microdose product will help you to receive downloads, process them, shift your perspective and find new pathways to forge a new journey. 


Happy Scorpio season fam =)  Remember to breathe and know that nothing is permanent, it's all in a constant state of flow and flux. Peep our upcoming events & shop open hours below! 






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This month our members are receiving their first Elements Box!!! The Elements Boxes were created as a passion project dreamed up as I traveled and learned about new plant allies in Puerto Rico over the last year. This season’s box was created and curated to help us with the transitional period that is shedding season. These 4 elemental products were made to help with connecting to our ancestors for guidance and support, opening our crown and third eye chakra, soothing our nervous system, clearing the air, and grounding into our own sovereign energy. Most of these herbs were grown and harvested in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean carrying the vibrational medicine and energetic make up of their resilience and magic. 

In this season box, we offer a smoke blend, tea, an aura mist, and flower essence. 

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